UK Government Will Construct a Commercial Astronaut Training Center by 2020

Commercial space flight is coming a lot closer than most people would anticipate right now. Over in London, the UK government will open a full-fledged commercial astronaut training center. It is evident such a facility will not only be used to train official astronauts but also consumers who are willing to venture into space. This facility will be known as Blue Abyss, and costs around 120 million Pound Sterling.

Commercial Astronaut Training Centers are Coming

It is not entirely surprising to learn the United Kingdom will be home to the world’s first commercial astronaut training facility. Not too long ago, the UK government announced they will build a private space research center in Bedfordshire. It is evident the UK government feels something important is bound to happen when it comes to space exploration, although no one knows exactly what the future may hold.

The Blue Abyss facility will be built in Bedfordshire and set the government back 120 million GBP. That is quite the hefty price tag, albeit one does not build an astronaut training facility and accommodations with a few thousand quid either. It has to be said, the plans for this facility are nothing short of breathtaking either. It will feature a 50-meter deep pool, an astronaut training center, and a 120-room hotel. It will be a top-of-the-line facility, to say the least.

Construction is scheduled to begin later this year, as the RAF Henlow area. The plan is to make all facilities accessible to both domestic and international companies alike. Thanks to this wide variety of facilities to enjoy, Blue Abyss will house divers, astronauts, and athletes. However, with such a strong focus on commercial astronaut training it is not unlikely wealthy consumers venturing into space will undergo rigorous training in this facility as well.

It is expected the construction of Blue Abyss will be completed by 2020, which means there is a very tight deadline to adhere to. It appears RAF Henlow already houses some astronaut training equipment, which will help move things along. As one would expect, such a facility would not be complete with a centrifuge base. Private spaceflight providers will make use of this tool to get their passengers space worthy. It is possible companies such as Virgin Galactic will make use of this facility once it is completed.

Even though the biggest focus lies on astronaut training, they will not be the only ones to benefit from Blue Abyss’ facilities. It is believed renewable energy companies will be able to test their equipment in the pool. Moreover, companies working with submersibles and other underwater vehicles are more than welcome as well. It is evident this facility will be of great interest to many people, assuming they can gain access to it in the first place. Space growth is a top priority for the UK government right now, that much is evident.

A project like this makes you wonder what we will find once our society starts exploring space in a proper manner. Commercial spaceflight will yield some very interesting results, that much is evident. Projects such as Blue Abyss will herald a new era for the human race, even though it is unclear what we can expect. That is also what makes it so interesting to be alive in this day and age, as a lot of surprises may be waiting for us around the corner.

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