Ugandan Crypto Ponzi Scheme Founder Arrested After Pocketing $2 Million

Cryptocurrency scams and Ponzi Schemes seem more prolific in Asia and Africa One Ugandan scammer by the name of Samson Lwanga was recently arrested. 

In Africa, virtually everyone wants to make extra money as quickly as possible.

Another Ugandan Ponzi Scheme Shuts Down

It is for this reason that scams and Ponzi Schemes are so popular.

Most of these projects tend to disappear pretty quickly after raising a fair bit of money. 

In Uganda, one such Ponzi Scheme has been shut down indefinitely

Samson Lwanga, the director of a project defrauding investors for $2 million, was arrested this week.

It is believed that his company, called Dunamiscoin Resource Limited, defrauded over 10,000 Ugandans.

Interestingly enough, it appears that Lwanga is willing to refund affected investors with no questions asked.

That may prove very difficult, as the Ugandan financial authority has frozen all of his bank assets as part of this ongoing investigation. 

The concept of this Ponzi Scheme is not unique in any way.

Investors were promised ludicrous returns for doing absolutely nothing. 

The company also claimed to have partnered with multiple Ugandan money transfer services.

While some received the promised returns, the payouts halted pretty quickly.

It is not the first nor the last Ponzi Scheme to hit Uganda either.

It is one of the many countries where some active crypto regulation could put an end to this type of behavior.