Turns out BTCC’s nodes are all hosted by Amazon Web Services

In case you have been following our site, chances are that you might have read the article outlining BTCC’s good deed, when they deployed a total of 100 full nodes to support the bitcoin network.

Well, to put things better into perspective, as Bitcoin was built as a peer-to-peer network, which relies on computer processors to power the system up when transactions are made, the network also needs to validate and relay them. This is accomplished through a vast network of nodes, which stand at the base of the pyramid, supporting bitcoin decentralization, and making the currency harder to be taken down.

While the nodes releases by BTCC are meant to work towards making the network more decentralized, it seems like Amazon Web Services is currently hosting all of these nodes, which is a strange decision from BTCC. Community members are not worried that Amazon Web Services is the wrong platform, but rather by the fact that one company is in control of all these nodes. Because of this, some members are worried that instead of decentralization, this decision is, in fact, brining centralization to the network.

Regardless of this, there is a desperate need for more needs, to allow Bitcoin to grow. According to statistics, there are roughly 5,000 nodes deployed right now, so bitcoin users from all around the world are encouraged to deploy their nodes to help keep the network running.

Has BTCC made the right decision to choose AWS to host all the 100 nodes? Let us know your thoughts.

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