Trump’s Presidency Would Boost Bitcoin Activity According to Juniper

Juniper Research, The mobile and digital market research firm, acknowledged as the leading analyst house in the digital commerce and FinTech sector, has published a study stating that should Donald Trump receive the Presidency of the United States of America, the transactions made in Bitcoin’s network will experience an important peak in this year.

The mentioned study was made by Dr. Windsor Holder, a collaborator at Junipers’. Holder stated:

If Donald Trump becomes President of the US, there is the very real prospect of turmoil on world markets –the Economist Intelligence Unit ranks his Presidency within the Top 10 global risks–

The Economist Intelligence Unit, based in London, has been monitoring Mr. Trump’s march toward the Republican presidential nomination. On Wednesday, they released a report expressing that Trump’s presidency could be a holding barrier for global growth. Part of the analysis made by The economist Intelligence Unit says:

In the event of a Trump victory, his hostile attitude to free trade, and alienation of Mexico and China in particular, could escalate rapidly into a trade war

This could have an effect on how people and big investors see major Fiat currencies and the trust on them could experience a descent. However, according to Dr. Holden, concerns around the prospects of a Trump Presidency in the US were also likely to cause further spikes in trading and Bitcoin value later in the year:

Bitcoin trading would thrive in such an environment, at least until the impact on major fiat currencies becomes clear.

Juniper also attributes this important peak on the price and trading of Bitcoins to three important factors:

  • The Brexit (Name given to the exit of the British economy from the EU).
  • The weakening of Chinese economy and the Yuan’s devaluation.
  • The Halving (Next 8th of July miners around the world will receive half the reward for creating more bitcoins).

Image of Holden courtesy of Juniper Research

Cover Image via Shutterstock.

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