TRUiC’s Top Pick When It Comes To Website Builders

The driving demand for better internet and access to information continues to grow. For example, OECD countries saw an increase in the usage of high-fiber by 15% between June 2020 and June 2021. In addition, businesses within the economic cooperation and development alliance rely on their websites to share their products and blogs with their consumers.

TRUiC’S Top Pick – GoDaddy

Small business owners understand the need to create a good website and often prefer to do this themselves. Website builders like WordPress, GoDaddy, and Wix are top-rated among users, but some require more effort than others.

Both WordPress and Wix are excellent choices from the countless website builders available to smaller businesses. However, WordPress is ideal for customizations requiring more technical skills, and Wix is perfect for those liking to add creativity and are willing to pay more. TRUiC’s top pick is the GoDaddy website builder because of its pricing and overall features. Read on to find out more:

Pros and Cons of GoDaddy

For anyone looking for a fast website builder that does all the basics, then GoDaddy provides both. Business owners can enjoy features like search engine optimization(SEO), social media posting, and email marketing tools from its lower-end packages.

However, anyone wanting the freedom to customize their web pages might find GoDaddy restrictive. Godaddy may also not be suitable for more significant eCommerce store owners.

Competitive Pricing

Depending on the level of the website functionality required, GoDaddy has four pricing plans. But, of course, there is also a no time-limit policy for looking before you decide. The Godaddy Basic Plan costs $11.99 monthly and includes an SSL certificate, custom domain, on-the-go editing, 24/7 support, an email address, an online appointment tool, and website analytics. Additionally, there are some basic social media and email marketing tools. These features are everything a small business requires.

GoDaddy also has Standard, Premium, and eCommerce plans with more advanced features, depending on the needs of a business.

Simplicity and Some Customization

After signing up with GoDaddy, it takes just a few minutes to have a website up and running with a name, logo, and the essential pages. The process is intuitive and straightforward because of a question-and-answer format that even beginners can follow, adding the business name to their pre-built templates. In addition, the sidebar offers editing options with themes and certain site elements (images, colors, buttons, text, fonts, adding pages, and headings). These choices are all perfect for someone who doesn’t want further customization.

Some drawbacks include an overwhelming selection of sections, no “undo” button for errors and no header size selection. Additionally, a growing business may find the lack of flexibility and scalability a problem. The open-source web builder, WordPress, is the most effective for scalability because of its massive selection of third-party add-ons.

Popular Business Tools

GoDaddy includes a fine selection of tools for most small business types, including embedding images, videos, and PDF and HTML files. It also has good online store functionality for B2C businesses, on-site chat, pop-up tools, reservation tools, menus, and donation tools. However, companies can only rely on its available tools because it does not allow other plugins or third-party tools.

GoDaddy SEO

Some SEO features supported by GoDaddy include meta title, meta description, responsive design, SSL certificate, XML sitemap, Roots.txt, Google Analytics integration, and Facebook Pixel integration. These are essential SEO requirements, but they still lack performance when measured against other website builders.

Strong Support

There is no shortage of support on GoDaddy, something essential for anyone wanting a good and reliable website or has an online business. GoDaddy’s support is available 24/7 through call or chat within a short time through its Help Center.


TRUiC tested GoDaddy and compared it to other website builders and found it a top pick for smaller businesses with less demanding website needs. GoDaddy is the ideal website builder for beginners with smaller companies, especially those that don’t have larger web stores, those where SEO is not vital to their business, or those with less advanced website needs. Considering the increasing numbers of business concerns that want a website and growing consumer demands, a good website is vital for every business today wishing to remain competitive.

Image Credit: TRUiC