TRON Mainnet Launch Has Cryptocurrency Community Excited

A big change has come to the TRON ecosystem. After many months of preparation, the project’s mainnet was scheduled to go live yesterday. Assuming this launch is successful, it will also mark the transition from an ERC20-based token to a currency issued on the native TRON blockchain.

A Big Day for TRON

It has been coming for quite some time now, but TRON is finally getting its mainnet launch. Although this is a major development for the project as a whole, it will be interesting to see if this technology can live up to people’s expectations. Known as Odyssey 2.0, the TRON blockchain is the first step toward making this project completely independent.

This also means the TRX token which people have grown accustomed to will be converted to the mainnet currency in the coming weeks. That exchange of tokens will be facilitated by most of the cryptocurrency exchanges out there, although users will need to take some steps to ensure the transition takes place.

Even so, there is still some time left before TRX is converted from Ethereum to Tron’s public blockchain. Users will have until June 21 to get everything in order. Before this transition takes place, there will be a public beta of the TRON mainnet.

As one would expect, people are genuinely excited about the launch of the TRON mainnet. After all, TRON is valued at a steep price despite lacking an official mainnet prior to May 31. Some people have speculated that this project is way overvalued at this stage, whereas others will respond that the valuation is correct once the mainnet has officially gone live.

The past year has been rather impressive for TRON. More specifically, the project has seen a value increase of over 2,150%, despite the hardship affecting all cryptocurrency markets since late 2017. Things may continue to head in a positive direction once the official mainnet has launched, although it remains to be seen how the market will respond.