Triviaspar Challenges Trivia Buffs and Mobile Gaming Enthusiasts Alike

It feels pretty good to be the smartest person in the room. But what if you knew you were the smartest person in the city, or even the country?

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Triviaspar, a new mobile app from the International Knowledge League (IKL), challenges players in a grueling mental and physical sparing format. With three unique game modes, Triviaspar is nothing like the boring mobile trivia apps you’re used to. Each game mode is meant to challenge, excite, and incentivize players for the ultimate trivia challenge.

What’s in the Box?

In “Solo Play”, players choose the category, the trivia, and the prizes. Even though players are alone, each player can still earn credits which can be redeemed for gift cards and trips including tickets to the Super Bowl and the MTV Awards!

If players are up for a challenge, they can check out “Head-to-head Mode”. Head-to-head gameplay is for the competitive players. Take turns answering trivia questions against your friends, family, or colleagues to figure out who is the ultimate trivia master.

Once players have mastered the Head-to-head format, they’re ready for the ultimate test. “Tournament Mode” is a winner-takes-all trivia tournament that separates the novice and the noob from the master. Battle it out with up to 16 players to find the true trivia champion.

TriviaSpar and the Advertizing Industry

Triviaspar is a one of a kind trivia app that’s changing the face of mobile gaming. Rather than rely on a freemium model Triviaspar has created an innovative business model that doesn’t sacrifice gameplay for gross revenue. In ad-based gameplay, users are shown brief video clips provided by advertisers and asked trivia questions on each video. This innovative model makes advertising an interactive part of the gaming experience, rather than an irritation to the player.

For years now, advertisers have struggled to find a sustainable business model that relies less on annoying users. Increasingly, on the web, users are relying on pop-up blockers to avoid advertisements. According to a report from Pagefair, 74% of American adblock users say they leave sites with adblock walls. Even more interestingly, the same report states that 77% of American adblock users are willing to view some ad formats, representing an opportunity.

The takeaway is that many ads are deemed intrusive and detract from what the user would like to accomplish on the website or mobile app. Triviaspar is just one example of an increasingly competitive space where companies are almost literally battling for the future of mobile technology.

Triviaspar differs from freemium mobile games because it features two unique types of play, ad-based and skills based, that are completely separate. Rather than trick or force users into watching ads, the user is able to determine which mode makes the most sense for how they’d like to play. Regardless of which mode players choose, they can still advance in the game and get full functionality out of the mobile application without hitting a paywall.

In recent weeks we’ve heard about several large media companies struggling to hit their revenue targets. Just last week Mashable sold for $50 million, a third of the company’s valuation just two years prior. Modern media companies that rely solely on annoying banner ads are no longer able to command the revenues they once had just few years ago. Triviaspar is just one example of adapting to the increasingly technologically savvy mobile user.

For more information on Triviaspar or to download the app, check out the Website.