TriForce Tokens Garners Support from Coventry University Enterprise, Benefits from Innovate UK’s IP Audit Process

Acclaimed blockchain start-up TriForce Tokens has secured a vital partnership with the UK’s Coventry University Enterprises LTD, just days before the launch of its pre-ICO. It represents a doubling-down on the strategic direction and effectiveness of TriForce Tokens at a crucial time when funding is about to be put on the table. Additionally, an IP audit conducted with Government-backed Innovate UK looks set to gift TriForce Tokens with the property rights insights needed to maximise impact.

Coventry University Enterprises

Coventry University Enterprises operates across a wide variety of industries in the private and public sector, supporting corporate aims and maximising the commercial potential and ability of companies it partners with. Specialised in Innovation and Internationalizing, and with an impressive client list in the region of 50,000, CUE’s partnership comes at an especially crucial moment. Dedication to ongoing strategic and innovative excellence, as well as preparing for the global implications of operating with the expansive reach of Blockchain technology puts TriForce in good stead during its’ development.

Innovate UK

Innovate UK is based in Swindon along the “M4 Corridor” which is often heralded as the technological hub of the UK. Innovate has committed over £1.8bn ($2.25bn) directly to innovation and risk management within major UK start-ups and established businesses, adding an estimated £16bn ($20bn) and 70,000 jobs to the UK economy. TriForce has gained access to Innovate UK’s Intellectual Property Audit to ensure security in the future environment in the “at-times” uncertain world of Cryptocurrencies. This will also address brand identity and development.

Why is it important?

For a project to be truly long-term in scope, there must be adequate attention to strategic and innovative direction. Too many start-ups these days, across all sectors simply pay lip-service to strategic and innovative processes, leading to short-term success, but stagnation in their product and company life cycle in the medium and long-term. Attention to brand identity through Innovate UK will add value not just to the company, but to all in the ecosystem, as is the way with Blockchain technologies.

Such protection against these long-term risks demonstrates a hefty amount of foresight and certainly puts TriForce Tokens on the watch list as an interesting and open-to-change project. This marries with the industry projections, at a projected growth rate of more than 6% annually. And, TriForce has already paid much attention to partnerships; doubling the games and publisher network TIGA, and the Swiss Crypto Valley Association. It would certainly seem like TriForce Tokens is ticking all the boxes.

TriForce Tokens and ICO Crowdsale

TriForce Tokens’ pre-Alpha gives end-users a first glimpse at the operation of the final platform (developers link here, players link here), and on the 14th October 2017 at 13:30 GMT, they will be holding their pre-ICO to raise initial funds. Tokens will be offered at a discount rate of 60% (1TFT=$0.20 – discount), with 50 random pre-ICO participants receiving a free Ledger Nano S.

Following this, TriForce Tokens will run the main ICO event from 12th November 2017 until 25th November 2017 at 13:30 GMT, and will be the UK’s first fully-compliant ISO27001 ICO.

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