TREZOR Hardware Wallet Will Support Ethereum Soon

An exciting announcement was made earlier today, as it appears popular hardware Bitcoin wallet manufacturer Satoshilabs is planning to add Ethereum support to their TREZOR offering soon.

Ethereum Support For TREZOR Users

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Not too long ago, we pondered over the question as to whether or not there is a need for hardware Ethereum wallets. Up until that point, none of the existing hardware manufacturers had shown any intent of doing so, yet that has come to change. Ethereum support will be coming to the TREZOR shortly, although no official date has been announced yet.

New source code has surfaced on the TREZOR Github page, which clearly shows Ethereum integration is coming very soon. However, there are still a lot of questions waiting to be answered, as the team has not decided yet as to how they will implement this cryptocurrency. In fact, they are looking for community feedback, which is a positive sign.

For now, there is a proposal on the table regarding the address retrieval for Ethereum. The TREZOR developers are not entirely convinced this is the best way to go about things, as the Ethereum address format is subject to change. Additionally, there is a proposal for the transaction signing. Keeping in mind how this process is entirely different from Bitcoin, some decisions need to be made.

Ethereum community members can weigh in on both proposals, and make their suggestions as to how the TREZOR wallet should handle transactions and addresses. Several responses have been recorded so far, and it is good to see a communicative relationship between all involved parties.

Supporting both Bitcoin and Ethereum with the same software will be a tricky play, but it could pay big dividends for TREZOR in the long run. They would be the first hardware wallet solution for both cryptocurrencies, giving them a competitive edge on the market. More information will be made available in the coming weeks, and we will keep an eye out for future updates.

Source: GitHub

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