Transistor Berlin Co-working Space Accepts Bitcoin Payments

While Bitcoin offers a lot of value in the financial world, the popular digital currency can be used for various other reasons as well. A new co-working space has opened up in Kreuzberg, Berlin, which will be quite beneficial to entrepreneurs and startups active in the region. What makes Transistor Berlin even more interesting is how they accept Bitcoin payments, putting the popular digital currency on the map in Germany.

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Transistor Berlin Accepts Bitcoin Payments

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Co-working spaces are of great value to companies and entrepreneurs all over the world. Rather than investing in a building or workspace for a high fee, one building can be shared by many different startups and individuals. As a result, everyone who is part of such a co-working space can get access to space and tools they need at a very affordable price.

Berlin is one of those areas where entrepreneurship can thrive, thanks to quite lenient regulation and a healthy ecosystem of experts and incubators looking to help whenever needed. Being your own boss is a great feeling, although not everyone is cut out to become an entrepreneur.

Transistor Berlin is the name of this new co-working space, which offers some very affordable plans and pricing. Depending on the requirements for the startup or entrepreneur, prices range from 120 to 1,900 EUR per month. Needless to say, this is a lot cheaper than other traditional solutions, such as leasing a location. Especially in the capital city of Berlin, affordable places are hard to come by.

Even though the first tables for Transistor Berlin have only arrived a week ago, the team is very excited to get this project off the ground and welcome the first co-workers. The main goal of Transistor Berlin is to be a place for startups, but they are open to freelancers and writers as well. There is plenty of room for German creative minds, and they can all start to pay in Bitcoin.

In fact, it is the choice to accept Bitcoin that makes Transistor Berlin so unique. Co-working spaces are a new trend, and it only seems to make sense people venturing into this world keep a close eye on alternative payment methods. Even though LocalBitcoins halted the trading of digital currency in Germany last year, Bitcoin remains very popular in the country.

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