Top 8 Bitcoin Memes Everyone Should Know

The Bitcoin ecosystem is filled with brilliant people, each of whom has their own particular skill sets. Creating memes is somewhat of an underappreciated art, and Bitcoin has been a great topic to spread the message through newly created memes. The following list ranks some of the top creations over the past few years, although it is anything but complete.

#8 The Matrix Goes Bitcoin

Perhaps one of the most popular Bitcoin memes to grace the earth revolves around a conversation between characters of the Matrix movie. It also contains a very famous line that is a real eye-opener for people who grow an interest in cryptocurrency. Images always speak louder than words.

#7 Time For Plan Bitcoin (Money Printing Edition)

One of the most often heard statements is how it is time for Plan Bitcoin. Multiple memes revolve around this topic, yet the main point is that printing money is not a solution to the problems created by central banks–a point well driven.


#6 The Truth Behind The Creation of Money

One of the Bitcoin memes that will get financial experts on their horse rather quickly is when people talk about how money is created in the first place. Although the statement may not be entirely complete, it does explain the big problem our economy is going through.


#5 Perceiving The Market Fluctuations

Bitcoin is a very volatile market, but that is to be expected for a currency without government or central bank intervention. At the same time, one should consider if this volatility is projected upon Bitcoin due to wild fluctuations in the fiat currency department itself.


#4 Professor Bitcorn

Anyone who has ever watched South Park should be able to relate to this meme for sure.  If you want to know more about Mark T. Williams, make sure to read through this entire Reddit thread.



Most people who own Bitcoin purchased cryptocurrency as an investment vehicle. It is certainly possible that the value per BTC will skyrocket in the future, although that has yet to be determined. But until then, there is nothing wrong with HODLING some Bitcoin for a rainy day.


#2 Bitcoin Rollercoaster

Not much explaining needed here, just enjoy the show.

#1 Bitcoin Not Bombs

Even though this is not your average meme, the Bitcoin not Bombs image is one of the most iconic in the world of cryptocurrency to date. It is due time we stop waging war and start spreading Bitcoin to unite the world and create a better ecosystem.


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