Top 6 Virtual Reality Apps for Your Smartphone

Virtual reality is slowly making its way into consumer homes all over the world. Whether it is through gaming or on the smartphone, it is virtually impossible to picture the future in which virtual reality will not play a significant role in moving forward. Using a smartphone, virtually everyone can experience VR wherever they go. Considering the number of mobile apps continues to grow, so will the number of users playing around with virtual reality.

#6 Hang Gliding

One often heard complaint about virtual reality is how users suffer from motion sickness after a while. Those who do not suffer from this problem may want to check out Hang Gliding on Android. Users will be gliding through the Alpine landscape from the point of view of a hang glider. A rather intriguing app for mobile users, although your mileage may vary. It may take a while to get used to the controls within the app, though.

#5 Google Cardboard

As one would come to expect, Google’s app for the VR industry is firing on all cylinders. Google Cardboard is available for both Android and IOS and allows users to explore Google Earth in virtual reality. In fact, the app even has its own mini app store where now VR-based features and tools are introduced nearly every week. It is well worth checking out, even by people who do not have a Google Cardboard headset.

#4 VRSE / Within

One of the primary ways consumers will explore virtual reality on a mobile device is to consume new types of content in a different manner. VRSE – also found under the Within name – is a free application for both Android and iOS which allows users to watch music videos, short movies, and documentaries in virtual reality. Although it is unclear how successful such an app will be in the long run, it is worth keeping an eye on for sure.

#3 Jaunt

Jaunt is very similar to VRSE / Within, albeit its available content is slightly different compared to the other app. There is a mix of entertainment videos, short films, and live music performances. One can even see an ABC news report in virtual reality, although it remains to be seen how appealing this offering is. It is a free app, though, which means it is always worth checking out.

#2 Go Show

One of the more intriguing apps to hit the Google Play Store is called Go Show. Although this app is only a “facilitator” to improve the way we consume content, it allows users to view 2D and 3D movies in a true theatrical setting. Simply kick back, relax, and watch the content play out on the big screen. Keep in mind your video will need to be in mp4 format, as that is the only file extension Go Show can handle right now.

#1 Sisters

Virtual reality seems to be designed to creep people out as they play a video game. Sisters fits this category quite well, as the first-person ghost story lets players explore a haunted mansion. Interacting with various objects will trigger different events, all of which build up the suspense as one immerses himself in virtual reality. It may not be the scariest game to play, but it is a great example of what VR is capable of.

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