Top 6 Upcoming September ICOs

Even though the ICO sector is facing a lot of regulatory scrutiny right now, there is no shortage of projects whatsoever. Quite a few new ICOs will launch during the month of September, all of which try to bring something unique to the table. Below are six projects which caught our attention, but always do your own research before investing.

6. Utrust

Whenever an upcoming ICO project labels itself “the future of payments,” there is good reason to get somewhat excited. Utrust is a payments platform empowering buyers to pay with cryptocurrency. At the same time, it also provides consumer protection, which is often lacking with traditional payment methods. It sounds like an intriguing idea, assuming it can gain traction in the first place. This crowdsale starts on September 20th and the whitepaper looks pretty interesting.

5. Soma

There is always a need for decentralized marketplaces. While OpenBazaar is a perfect example of how things can be run, Soma aims to revolutionize the business model altogether. There will be a rewards system, enabling collaboration among community members. Doing things for someone else and getting rewarded for it sounds like an interesting idea. This concept of a decentralized social marketplace is worth keeping an eye on. The ICO begins on September 26th.

4. Goldmint

Tying the value of digital assets to tangible value has proven quite difficult so far. Goldmint acknowledges this, yet it will focus on creating a blockchain-based platform using digital assets only backed by gold or ETFs. It is always interesting to see companies bridge the gap between traditional assets and their digital counterparts. Goldmint’s ICO commences on September 20th and its whitepaper details the concept a bit more.

3. Centra Tech

It is somewhat difficult to get excited about yet another company bringing a cryptocurrency debit card to the table. However, with Floyd Mayweather publicly endorsing the ICO, rest assured a lot of people will pay attention to it. Centra’s crowdsale kicks off on September 19th and focuses on letting people spend their cryptocurrency assets using a Visa or Mastercard. All assets are insured with a 0% fee as well. This will add competition for existing players in the market; that is for sure.

2. NaPoleon X

Not only does this ICO have one of the cooler names in history, but it also focuses on smart trading bots. Given the popularity of trading bots in cryptocurrency, having an online computer-driven asset management platform selecting quantitative strategies makes a lot of sense. The platform also uses smart contracts to improve overall governance. The NaPoleonX ICO will begin on September 29th.

1. Pylon Network

Decentralized exchanges can come in many different shapes and sizes. Having such a valuable tool for the energy sector is the next opportunity waiting to be explored. Pylon network is designed to create the world’s first open renewable energy exchange community. Green energy can be exchanged without the need for intermediaries, and there is a strong focus on blockchain and smart contracts. The ICO begins on September 25th.