Top 6 Most Traded Cryptocurrencies in 2017 Thus Far

Though we’re only just under two months into 2017, the cryptocurrency market has been quite eventful. Today we are taking a look into the trading trends of cryptocurrencies since the beginning of the year. While some of the top traded coins on the list may be expected, there are a few projects that might surprise you! These are the 6 most frequently traded coins of the past 30 days.

6. Pascal Coin (PASC)

pascal coin

Researching for this article is the first time I’ve encountered Pascal Coin. This is rather embarrassing, especially considering that Pascal Coin has a 30 day trading volume of about $63 million. This coin aims to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to the layman, touting simplified addresses and user friendly UI’s. Per coin it is rather cheap as well, trading at around 22 cents per coin. Its selling point is the fact that it does not require the use of a blockchain. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, if you delete Pascalcoin’s blockchain it would still work due to the way the hashes work.

5. Tether (USDT)

tether logo

Tether is trading at about a dollar per coin and has maintained month’s trading volume around $67 million. Tether is an interesting concept that looks to bridge the worlds of crypto and fiat. These “tokens” as they call what is essentially an altcoin, are able to be traded between peers, but it remains pegged to fiat currencies such as USD. Their use of blockchain technology assures security for the transactions and the coin hopes to keep each token fungible to the US dollar for stability reasons.

4. Monero (XMR)

monero logo

Monero is a privacy centric altcoin that boasts impressive security and anonymity. With a trading volume of just under $100 million for the last thirty days, it has some weight to it and has seen a resurgence in popularity. Due to its innovative way of rendering blockchain analysis useless Monero is at the fourth spot on our list.

3. Litecoin (LTC)

TheMerkle_Data Breach LitecoinTalk

A little under half of the 30 day trading volume of ETC, we find Litecoin with $161 million. Again, this is a rather obvious contender for the top spots trading wise. With a reasonably low barrier to entry and high trading volumes to keep it relevant, Litecoin is a great way to get started in the cryptocurrency game.

2. Ethereum (ETH)

ethereum logo

Ethereum is also no stranger to leaderboards such as this. ETH enjoys a significant lead over its other blockchain (ETC) with ~$12 dollars a coin and $352 million in the last 30 days of trading. While there is an astonishing disparity between this and Bitcoin, $352 million worth of trading is nothing to scoff at, especially considering its position as the second most traded of the past thirty days.

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

bitcoin logo

It should come as no surprise to even the newest cryptocurrency user that Bitcoin is still king when it comes to worth and trading volume. With a staggering volume of  $3.8 billion traded within the last thirty days alone and a current value of $1170.33 per coin, Bitcoin continues to flaunt its dominance in the market and make those who are hodling rather cheerful.

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