Top 6 Technologies you Wish you Knew Existed

Given all of the recent developments in the world of science and technology, it can become increasingly difficult to keep track of all the news. There are quite a few technologies out there which most people don’t know about, even though they should be made aware they exist. Albeit not all of these concepts will prove to be useful to everyone, it goes to show innovation continues to accelerate.

#6 A Smart Umbrella

smart umbrella

As unusual as the concept of a smart umbrella may sound, the umbrella should not be dismissed so easily. On paper, this product can tell its users when it is likely to rain and reminds them to take the umbrella with them. Although it remains unclear how accurate it is, the concept shows a lot of promise for the future. Smart devices come in all shapes and sizes, after all.

#5 The Anti-smartphone


In this day and age of smartphone use becoming borderline annoying, the Runcible positions itself as the perfect solution. While this is still a personal device, it is not a smartphone by any means. In fact, it the anti-smartphone, if such a thing were ever to exist. Shaped like a pocket watch and armed with a camera, the Runcible packs quite some punch for what appears to be a beehive-shaped orb.

#4 Security System Without Cameras

Considering how home security is becoming such a booming market, it is evident some companies will try a whole new concept. While still providing a security system to clients, the real-time radio wave system requires no cameras to be installed whatsoever. What makes this project so intriguing is how the research of this system was funded by intelligence services across the US.

#3 The ArcaBoard


When it comes to finding nifty gadgets, hoverboards have made quite an impact over the past few years. The ArcaBoard, however, takes things one step further, as it is capable of hovering above the ground. Although flight times are limited to a handful of minutes, it is quite a nifty device. This is not something everyone will want to try, though, as the first generations of this technology should always be appreciated from afar.

#2 A Pain-stopping Belt

When first learning about this innovative concept, technology enthusiasts were somewhat baffled. By using Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation technology, this belt tricks the human brain into releasing pain-relieving endorphins. Since there are no third-party drugs involved, this is an all natural solution. One strap this belt onto the back of their calf, where it can remain somewhat hidden. For people suffering from a sprain, fibromyalgia, and even arthritis, this technology can save them a lot of pain.

#1 A Personal AI


New innovation in the world of artificial intelligence is not hard to come by these days. One project a lot of people have missed out on is called the Cubic, which serves as a personal artificial intelligence. Instead of focusing on the financial services side of things, Cubic lets users set up their AI in a way that is useful to them. Rest assured you will never know what to wear on a rainy day or forget to turn off the lights.

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