Top 6 Secure Alternatives to Google Authenticator

Security in the online space is becoming more important than ever before. Protecting one’s account and devices with the proper security measures has proven to be quite a challenge. Two-factor authentication is becoming a must these days, although there are still some differences between the different offerings. Google Authenticator is commonly used, however there are a few alternatives that deserve a mention as well.

6. Sound Login Authenticator

As the name of this tool suggests, this particular tool uses sounds to generate one-time 2FA codes. It is a bit of a gimmicky approach to account security, but the concept still shows a lot of promise. Users will need to install a browser extension and the computer needs a microphone to record audio and generate the 2FA token. Once this solution matures a bit more, it may herald a new standard of two-factor authentication moving forward.


The concept of two-factor authentication can’t be changed all that much in its current form. HDE OTP generates passwords, similar to other types of tools used for this purpose. However, the tool focuses on passcode protection, which should keep this information safe from prying eyes. For now, HDE OTP is only available on iOS, but it is compatible with all of the major services found alone, including AWS, Google, and Dropbox.

4. Duo

People looking for a more “eye pleasing” 2FA solution may want to give Duo a try. Its visuals are quite professional while packing some punch under the hood as well. iCloud backup of all information is provided free of charge, albeit it is limited to being used on the same phone. Another upside is how this tool works across all operating systems, including Blackberry and Windows Phone. An intriguing application that could very well replace Google Authenticator over time.

3. Authenticator Plus

Although the Authenticator Plus app is completely free of charge, there is a “paid” feature that will unlock additional features. This offer is not mandatory by any means, though. The added features make Google Authenticator look like a child’s toy, though, as it allows device-sync, Apple Watch support and syncing across multiple platforms. The basic version looks very similar tot he standard Google Authenticator, yet is still a viable alternative.

2. Clef

One of the three most commonly used 2FA solutions goes by the name of Clef. The company specializes in making security convenient, which is something a lot of consumers appreciate. Unlike most other solutions, Clef works by letting users scan waving barcodes on the screen to generate unique authentication tokens. Users won’t need to enter this code manually, as the authentication procedure occurs automatically. An intriguing alternative to Google Authenticator, to say the least.

1. Authy

When it comes to finding a tool that could rival Google Authenticator immediately, look no further than Authy. With the ability to back up all saved accounts and storing it in the cloud, Authy offers something Google Authenticator lacks. It is also available as a desktop app, which is quite a nice change. Moreover, the passcode protection feature makes Authy stands out as a more than viable alternative to Google Authenticator, that much is certain.

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