Top 6 Meme Cryptocurrencies

Throughout the past few years, there have been quite a few cryptocurrencies which are based on memes. The idea of such a cryptocurrency is nothing new, albeit some of them have become rather popular in the process. It is interesting to see how these meme currencies can bring more mainstream users to the world of cryptocurrency. Below are some of the more popular meme currencies the world has seen over the past few years.

6. NyanCoin

nyancoin logo

Everyone who has browsed the internet for extended periods of time will have come across the Nyan Cat. this cute pixel-art cat has proven to be quite successful. The Nyan Cat is a hybrid cat and Pop Tart which has become quite the Youtube sensation a few years ago. Someone used this concept to create Nyancoin, albeit it has nothing to do with the original Nyan Cat creator. This currency did not become all that successful, though.

5. Norris Coin

norris coin

Chuck Norris would do a lot of things differently compared to the rest of us, albeit he might not venture into cryptocurrency himself. Someone thought it would be funny to create Norris Coin, as an homage to the legend himself. Roundhouse-kicking central bankers around the world, Norris Coin could have achieved great things. Unfortunately, the project was abandoned by the developer rather quickly.

4. SexCoin

sexcoin logo

The Internet is for porn, thus it also needs an adult sector-oriented digital currency. That is what the creators of SexCoin assumed at first, albeit they have seen some minor successes along the way. Providing more anonymity to those looking to purchase adult content and services makes a lot of sense. As of right now, SCX has a market cap of US$63,548 and it appears all active development has been halted.

3. CraftCoin

craftcoin logo

On paper, the concept of CraftCoin appeared to be rather solid. By creating a new digital currency the Minecraft community could embrace, it could have made quite the impact on a global scale. As is the case with any altcoin trying to capitalize on a big trend, CraftCoin ultimate faded into obscurity as there was no interest from the Minecraft community whatsoever. A rather unfortunate turn of events.

2. Coinye West

coinye logo

One of the more ridiculous meme coins to ever be created goes by the name of Coinye West. It is not hard to see where the creators got their inspiration from. Kanye West did not take kindly to this initiative, as he sent a cease and desist letter to the creators. In the end, the project was abandoned completely due to mounting legal pressure. Using a celebrity’s image to create an altcoin may not have been the best of ideas.

1. Dogecoin


The “top dog” of all meme cryptocurrencies has to be Dogecoin. With the image of a Shiba Inu in the logo itself, hardly anyone can say no to this fun altcoin. It has become quite a popular meme currency, after sponsoring the Jamaican bobsled team and a NASCAR driver a few years ago. Right now, Dogecoin is still a popular altcoin with a US$22.817m market cap.

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