Top 6 Graphics Cards to Mine Ethereum With

A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts are looking at ways to mine Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, this has caused a shortage of most AMD cards in various countries. For those people who can still get a hold of the following graphics cards, cryptocurrency mining can become quite an interesting venture. Do keep in mind all of the cards mentioned in this article may require some tweaks to achieve the optimal hashrate/power consumption threshold you desire.

6. Radeon R9 295X2

Although very few people may have heard of this graphics card before, it is quite a powerful solution to mine Ethereum. With a maximum speed of just above 45MH/s, it is one beastly GPU to mine Ethereum with. The only downside is the steep price – around $575 if you can find it. This card alone is as powerful as two cheaper model cards combined, although those two cards will cost slightly less and be more power efficient. Still, it is an excellent card to use if you have access to cheaper electricity.

5. Radeon HD 7990

Once a powerful graphics card for video gaming, the Radeon 7990 has quickly become a favorite among cryptocurrency miners as of late. It is even more expensive – around $629 – than the 295X2, which makes it somewhat less attractive. However, it has a lower power cast compared to the card above, which also impacts its performance a bit. At 36 MH/s, it is a very competitive card, but perhaps best to pick up second-hand for a lower price.

4. Sapphire Radeon RX 470

Similar to its “bigger brother”, the Sapphire Radeon RX470 makes for an excellent Ethereum mining card. With some minor tweaks, it becomes possible to reach 29 MH/s of mining power while drawing 140 watts from the wall. This is yet another card increasingly difficult to find for a decent price, though. A second-hand card may be your best bet for all Radeon cards right now.

3. Sapphire Radeon RX 480

One should never discount the previous generation of AMD graphics cards either. The RX 4xx series is quite powerful when it comes to Ethereum mining, although stock availability is becoming a major issue as well. The average Sapphire Radeon RX 480 can generate 27 MH/s of mining power while drawing 150 watts from the wall. Finding one of these cards in new condition for under US$500 is nearly impossible, though.

2. AMD Radeon RX 580

Most miners-at-home prefer to buy the latest generation of AMD video cards, for obvious reasons. The cards are cheaper to buy, easy to set up and pack quite a bit of performance. The Radeon RX 580 can mine at a top speed of 29 MH/s, while drawing 150 watts from the wall. Finding one is incredibly difficult right now, though. Their regular price is around $450, but the lack of stock can push its price tag to $800 and more.

1. NVIDIA GTX 1070

Many people will be surprised to learn a NVIDIA 1070 card can actually be used to mine Ethereum. If you can get a proper overclocked model, a mining speed of 32 MH/s is certainly within reach. The card also draws just 140 watts from the wall, making it rather energy efficient. For the price of $375, it is quite a cheap card as well, considering you get a ton of performance out of it. NVIDIA is no longer a company just designing gaming cards, that much is certain.

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  • ati radon

    Another factor for new miners is that AMD gpu prices are through the roof. You won’t pay too much extra on a GTX 1070 than a RX 580 right now, let alone the hash/W advantage.

    • Travis

      this is wrong. a 1060 is still more expensive than a 580. and no 570s on this list? da fuq? show me where i can buy a gtx 1070 for ~300cad

      • ati radon

        This is wrong. A 580 is much more expensive than a 1060,, and NO 570 you can Buy. show me where I can buy a RX 580 for $300

        • Travis

          No, you’re still wrong dude. Im not talking about whats in stock im talking about the price comparisons. I bought my Radeon RX 580 DUAL from memoryexpress for 309.99, shoprbc had them around that price and several other sites. Try this new site called google. Also, a 1060 that is cheaper than a 580 is 3gb, which you’re comparing to a 4gb 580 card. How about you find me a 4gb/6GB 1060 for under 300? A 4gb 1070 is > $500CAD

          • Tardvis

            The 6GB 1060 is $270 on Newegg.

          • Travis

            Yeah, on Let me help you with the conversion to canadian which is what “cad” means. $362.28 canadian. Link me to GTX 1060s that are 6gb at 269CAD and im going to buy 5 of them right now.

          • Alexandre Pepin

            Stop being a crybaby.

  • Mang Shawn

    You have completely over rated the hash rates here. RX 470’s start out at 21 mh/s even overclocked and the RX 480’s are maxed out around 25 to 26 overclocked. Do not put mh/s times where you assume everyone will modify the bios as that will void the warranty of the cards as well as burn them out far faster than keeping the original bios. Everyone wants to make gpu mining out to be a multi million dollar enterprise and not even consider the major original investment one has just to get set up and then you have to run your rigs pretty much 24/7 and also be available to monitor them 24/7 in case they need to be fixed, updated, reset etc. You will no longer be able to find any gpu cards in any price range that is even close to what is should be now.

    • he bought amd cards so he needs to raise price now

    • Thomas Dorey

      mine does 24-24.5~ not modded @ 1210 -132Mv core .But i have samsung 7ghz memory.It a power color red devil.(rx470)

  • i rather use 1080ti why? bcs freaking amd cards are old and slower then nvidia and FAKE news about amd card being sold out. they are NOT sold out bcs everyone loves them, they are sold out bcs AMD is NOT manufacturing them anymore + these cards are only rebrands which were laying in warehouses., vega will be fun until then nvidia rules world. if you dont agree then go buy 300 dollar amd card for 800 like moron

    • ^retard

      Your an idiot and your post doesn’t even relate to this article.

      • sure, so you are basically saying that miners are retards and they are buying old cards, for mining instead of waiting for vega which is around corner? or they can just buy nvidia cards which are cheaper for mining so im retard yes? are you sure

        • Chris C

          They’re buying older cards because a) that’s what is available now and it’s not worth waiting, and b) people are used to and familiar with mining with AMD cards.

        • Xaiborg

          These cards could pay themselves off in 3 months. by the time “right around the corner” comes to be, these cards could have payed themselves off. That’s why miners were, and still are buying cards that are proven to be good at mining(4xx/5xx series). I have AMD and NVIDIA mining rigs, I started with AMD because they were more profitable to mine with, but now NVIDIA cards are cheaper and easier to find making them more profitable. I think ‘^retard’ was dancing around the fact that the 1080ti didn’t have the best performance considering the cost of the card. AFAIK they were only getting 35ish, now some are getting 40-45ish MH/s. Regardless it’s a bit rude to call the guy a retard. By the way 5xx series cards aren’t just 4xx cards that were laying in warehouses lol, but they are very similar. The power was increased on the 5xx series cards to accommodate for higher stock clocks and overclock-ability, so the 5xx cards are undeniably better cards due to higher average clock speeds.

      • Rob Matthews

        He seems to as least have reasoning. and how does his point not relate to the article? The article’s topic is comparing graphics cards. The poster is contributing to that topic… He’s not even loosely on topic… The topic is simple and clear.. Regardless though, all you do is insult him. What good is that for anyone but a pussy with a weak sense of confidence in himself. You’re (see how I spelled that in this situation? see how you spelled the same word. I’ll help you. you’re- is short for ‘you are’ ex. you’re retarded. your- possessive ‘your post is retarded’) actually the one that’s retarded. Which obviously makes sense. How could we possibly expect a retard to think he is anything but different than everyone else around? ‘I am like this, therefor I assume everyone else is like this. You think everyone should share your retardation and confusion because it is your experience. Its a tragic misconception based on what is usually a fairly safe resource used to formulate assumptions. Sadly though, it would be safer to shut up. You’re only impressing your retarded self even though it might feel like you just really got the guy. Its the opposite. Very confusing stuff. Especially for you though… There’s not a real good way to explain to a retard to think the opposite on every matter. You’ll identify these times you think you must be being wrong because you’ll feel right. But that feeling is probably wrong… about the assumption you are probably getting right…. If you need me to explain how insulting another user that is trying to contribute without offering any help in moving the conversation forward, you are a waste. Watch my next post to you and let me know if this helps you, the community, or even myself.

  • Milan Đuričić

    My 7990 is only geting 2 x 12.5 for etherium.
    Can you guys tell me your number ?

    • Thomas Dorey

      you have to mine exp/ubiq to get it tahiti takes a TLB trashing on ether algo at high epoch.I have a 280X and i get 24-25 on ubiq

  • Brice Fleckenstein

    RX 470/480/570/580 need BIOS mods to hit 29 Mh/s – my pair of NON-modded Sapphire reference design RX470 hit about 22 Mhz out of the box with a MILD memory-overclock only though.
    Keep in mind that ETH is MEMORY hard, you get a lot better results overclocking your RAM and leaving the core clock alone or sometimes even DROPPING it a bit.
    He also left off the R9 290 – which is a legit 29-30 Mh/s performer if you can get it to overclock high enough (a BIOS from TheStilt is recommended for ANY mining on that card, as it helps the card run a LOT cooler, undervolts for better efficiency, improves the memory latency for better hashrate, and as a result of the other mods LETS you overclock a lot more) – they WERE available 2 months ago for commonly under $200 but have been hit by the shortage gouge pricing.

    Based on the prices I’ve been seeing the last week, the GTX 1070 is tending to be LESS expensive than any RX 470/480/570/580 card when you can FIND the AMD cards in stock at all – though I have noticed some price creep up on the GTX 1070 the last week or so.

    AMD dropped production on the RX 4xx line when they introduced the RX 5xx line – the 5xx line IS IN PRODUCTION, they just can’t keep up with the sudden surge in demand the last couple months as cryptocoin profitability has exploded (a rerun of 2013-2014 timeframe when Litecoin profitability went through the roof for a while) – it took about a month to notice due to product “in the pipeline” but I’m sure the big retailers noticed and ASKED AMD to ramp production up a month or more ago.
    Part of the issue is foundry capacity saturation – keep in mind that AMD has both their GPUs AND their CPUs being made at Global Foundries, but IBM *ALSO* has a big chunk of GF capacity “spoken for” in their contracts and there are quite a few “small fry” helping tie that capacity up.

    There’s a REASON Nvidia had to go to Samsung for the GTX 1050/1050ti – TSMC ALSO has capacity issues.

  • bjeanfreau7

    Hmmmm….. Samsung is now producing graphics cards. The price of ethereum and bitcoin will go through the roof if war breaks out between N. and S. Korea. Samsung gets annihilated and the Global GDP as a result, takes a huge hit because these Just-In-Time inventories will be impacted for months if not years. Kind of reminds me of the James Bond movie “A View To a Kill”. A criminal genius buys up all the production of microchips and plans to destroy silicon valley by flooding it. Just way too similar…I just gave myself goosebumps.