Top 6 Funny 3D Printing Fails

Even though 3D printing has become somewhat of a popular trend among companies and consumers, the technology is still in a very early stage. A lot of novice users run into some initial problems when creating their first 3D print, as there is a very steep learning curve related to positioning, heat, and using the correct materials. In some cases, this can lead to rather amusing results.

6. The Leaky Glass

On paper, it makes a lot of sense to print a fancy glass with a 3D printer. This could become especially interesting when you are organizing a party, as it becomes easy to create a set of disposal glasses. Unfortunately, not all 3D printed glasses are equal. The picture below shows how the process may have gone wrong at a very crucial stage.

Leaky 3d printed glass

5. Alien Stone (?)

Interestingly enough, some people like to 3D print very simple objects. In one case, someone tried to print a stone, which turned out to be more of an abomination straight out of a B-rated sci-fi flick. The owner of this “stone” decided to call it a black tar gem, which it somewhat resembles. The project should have taken about an hour or two to print, yet quickly turned into a much longer printing job.

3d stone

4. What Beast Is This?

3D Printing enthusiasts often find themselves in a position where printing an animal seems to be a good idea. While that may be the case every now and then, things become rather strange when the result is not as expected. In the image below, one can see what used to be a beast, although things have gone horribly wrong at the end of the printing process.  Apparently, this is supposed to resemble a Magic the Gathering: Beast Token. Some people would call it something very different, though.

What Beat Is This


3. Most Horrific Smartphone Stand

It makes some sense to 3D print a smartphone stand. Most people leave their mobile devices on the desk or somewhere out of reach when they need it the most. By using a stand, one’s phone is always within reach. Plus, it is a great way to get acquainted with a 3D printer. As you can see in the image below, not all smartphone cases come out the way one would like. It looks like two displaced tentacles wrapped around kelp.

3d smartphone stand

2. Something Is Off Balance

Printing small figurines with a 3D printer can be a tedious task. Even if the print comes out alright, the object needs to cool down, allowing the plastic to “settle” in the right shape. That is not always the case, as you can see in the image below. It looks like this character leans to one side, while it is in fact displaced in its entirety. Some painters may see this as a piece of art, but the rest of the world only sees it as a nightmarish representation.

3d figurine

1. The Cactus Boat

Printing a boat with a 3D printer should be a rather straightforward task, once one has the right template to do so. Unfortunately, there is a high chance “stringing” will occur, which leaves ugly strings of plastic between parts of the model. As one can see in the image below, this nice green boat somehow resembles a cactus looking to cruise the world’s oceans. Stringing is a very common issue when it comes to 3D printing, unfortunately.

3d cactus boat

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