Top 6 Examples of 3D Printed Food

As unusual as it may sound, 3D printing, food is becoming a real trend as of late. Although this requires custom food 3D printers to create, a lot of progress has been made in the past few months. In fact, it is possible to 3D print some delicious-looking food without too many problems. Below are some of the examples of what the future will hold for 3D printed food moving forward.

6. Chocolate Mousse and Caramel Sauce

One of the primary reasons why 3D printing food is becoming so popular is due to the fact that chefs can create any size and shape they like. In the image below, we see a square-shaped chocolate mousse and heart-shaped caramel sauce. A very intriguing concept that wouldn’t look amiss in any gourmet restaurant. The nuts on the side are not 3D printed, though.

3d printed chocolate mousse

5. Dumplings

Everyone who has ever eaten Asian food will have tried dumplings. Not only is this type of food shaped in an odd way, it is impossible to tell what it is made of exactly. Tangyuan dumplings have been created by a 3D printer in the image below, thanks to using glutinous rice flour. The careful observer may have noticed the dumplings are shaped like cat paws, which is just a twist by the chef. It looks quite good, though.

3d Printed Dumplings

4. Mini Mooncakes

Desserts are one of the main areas where 3D printed food will excel in the coming years. Mini mooncakes filled with a paste can be 3D printed with relative ease, assuming one has the necessary hardware to do so. In fact, the printed version looks like a very close match to the “normal” version we know and eat today. Assuming printers can process a wide variety of pastes and filling, things can get very interesting in the coming years.

3d Printed Mooncakes

3. Multi-colored Salad Tower

One aspect about 3D printing food some people may like a lot is how it can “stack” different-colored types of food on top of one another. As seen in the image below, we see a salad tower made up of spinach, beetroot, and carrot. A stackable tower of healthy food looks quite delicious, that much is certain. Moreover, chefs can shape the food in the way they like, allowing customers to somehow customize their dishes.

3d Printed Salad Tower

2. Spaghetti

Looking at the picture, one could mistake this bowl of spaghetti for the real deal. Don’t be mistaken, however, as you are looking at spaghetti that comes out of a 3D printer. Fresh pasta dough, flour, water, and a few other ingredients mixed together to create a good-looking spaghetti. In fact, the pasta itself is printed in a flat spiral, after which it is broken into pieces and cooked. The big question is whether or not one can actually taste the difference between this spaghetti and freshly made pasta.

3d Printed Spaghetti

1. Pizza

Bitcoin Pizza Day may look a lot different a few years from now, as traditional pizzas may be replaced by 3D printed versions. Both the base and topping on the pizza below were applied using a 3D printer. Additional toppings can be added by the user before putting it in the oven, though. It will take some time before we can print pepperoni pizzas, but this is a good starting point nonetheless.

3d Printed Pizza

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