Top 6 Ethereum Wallet Addresses Worth Keeping an eye on

It is always interesting to keep an eye on cryptocurrency wallet balances since they are publicly accessible. On the Ethereum network, there are quite a few interesting wallet addresses to be found. Although not much may happen to these wallets over the coming months or years, the following addresses are worth keeping an eye on.

6. Bitfinex_1

Exchange platform wallets are always quite interesting to keep an eye on. In the bitcoin world, it can take a bit of guessing which wallets belong to which exchange, but on the Etherscan block explorer, it is relatively easy to figure out those details. This particular address is labeled as Bitfinex_1 and currently contains over 176,268 ETH. Considering how the exchange is suffering from USD transfer issues, it will be intriguing to see if this balance changes spectacularly anytime soon.

5. Poloniex Wallet

The primary trading platform for Ethereum is Poloniex, the world’s leading altcoin exchange. It is not surprising to learn their wallet holds over 183,620 ETH at the time of writing. This wallet will update quite regularly, as it has over 1.37 million transactions to date. Rest assured this balance will continue to shift around quite often, especially now that ETH trading is picking up in volume once again.

4. Kraken_4

Every cryptocurrency exchange needs to maintain multiple wallets for different currencies. This is often done as a security precaution, in case the exchange would get hacked.The Kraken_4 wallet contains just over 384,315 ETH right now and has seen over 61,400 transactions to date. It is a bit unclear if this is a hot wallet or cold wallet, although it is more likely to be a hot wallet.

3. DigixCrowdsale

A lot of cryptocurrency ICOs and crowdsales are taking place on the Ethereum network every month. One of those crowdsales was the Digix one, as the project raised several millions of dollars in the process. Their official crowdsale address still holds 466,646 ETH at the time of writing, which is worth about US$29.4m. It is good to see such a large amount of funds still being locked in the original wallet.

2. Golem’s Multisig Address

One of the more recent Ethereum-based ICOs comes in the form of the Golem network. This particular project raised quite a bit of money in the process, adding up to US$8. 6m in the first 30 minutes of the crowdsale. It was also the third-largest ICO for a blockchain at that time. All of the funds raises are kept in a multisig wallet on the Ethereum blockchain, which still holds 487,402 ETH as of right now.

1. Poloniex Cold Wallet

Even though some people expected the previous Poloniex ETH wallet to represent most of their holdings, that assessment would be incorrect. The exchange’s cold wallet holds over 5.17 million Ether as of right now, which represents 5.67% of the total coin supply in circulation. If all of these funds were to be sold at market prices, the price of ETH would collapse very quickly. Luckily, it seems this wallet only has 403 transactions on it right now, reducing the chance of anything major happening to its balance anytime soon.

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