Top 6 Data Encryption Solutions

People who take computer security seriously will acknowledge they need to encrypt data and create regular backups. Luckily, there are quite a few solutions that allow for both things at the same time. Below is a brief list of tools specializing in data encryption. Do keep in mind this list is not complete, but merely serves as an indicator as to what one should look for in such a software solution.

6. Digital Guardian

Encrypting computer data and protecting the device in question can all be achieved by using the Digital Guardian software kit. Keeping sensitive information safe from harm is the number one priority. Moreover, the toolkit focuses on data activity and enforcing user policies. This is a quite powerful solution for both consumers and enterprises, albeit it is more tailored towards the latter.

5. Kryptel

Kryptel is one of the many consumer-oriented encryption tools that provides a lot of convenience. In a matter of a few clicks, users can easily encrypt thousands of files on their personal computer. Data-wiping security can be enabled as well, which may be a nifty feature for some users. The free tool offers all of this functionality, whereas the paid version adds a command-line interface and encrypted backups.

4. Ciphershed

Open-source solutions in the way of data encryption are not hard to come by, yet few of them make a big name for themselves. Ciphershed is one of those rare exceptions, which is completely free of charge to use. It is capable of encrypting files and entire drives, as well as removable storage. It includes a wizard guiding both novice and advanced users through this entire process, which is appreciated by a lot of people. It is a very potent solution that will suit most people’s needs.

3. SecureDoc

Three different versions of SecureDoc exist in the world today, one of which is designed specifically for the Windows operating system. SecureDoc offers encryption tools for computers, laptops, and removable media. Users can encrypt files, folders, and entire disks in a matter of clicks. The company’s other two solutions focus on the Enterprise and Cloud sector, which are worth checking out as well.

2. AES Crypt

Another open-source program available to consumers around the world goes by the name of AES Crypt. With a 256-bit encryption algorithm, AES Crypt is one of the most powerful free solutions to date. Encrypting data requires a file name and password, which is also used for decrypting information later on. AES Crypt works across Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X devices, AES Crypt has become somewhat of a standard among computer users over the past few years.

1. VeraCrypt

Last but not least, there is the VeraCrypt open-source encryption solution. Its main purpose is to protect files and computer systems against data theft and information leaks, both of which are very common threats these days. VeraCrypt can be used to encrypt hard drive partitions, as well as the entire system. Moreover, it is a powerful brute-force attack solution, which can go a long way in this day and age of cyber crime.

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