Top 6 Companies Developing Robotics for the Educational Sector

In the world of robotics, there are quite a few projects which focus on the educational sector. Many companies see robots as a way to improve the educational system as we know it today. Moreover, they are also quite appealing due to their colorful lights and hands-on approach everyone can enjoy. Over the years, there have been various projects that focus on robotics for educational purposes, as you can see below.

6. Fischertechnik Computing

This particular company has a wide range of robotics available for purchase. a lot of these devices are used for entertainment services, albeit there is a dedicated line for education as well. Their “industry” line has proven to be quite successful over the years, as it gives children a hands-on experience with electronics and programming. The company focuses mainly on primary and secondary schools.

5. RoboThink

It is difficult not to like RoboThink, as this hands-on learning experience has attracted quite a bit of attention in recent years. Students can use the company’s designs to build robots of all shapes and sizes while being able to add new features as well. Additionally, the company provides engineering and coding programs aimed at primary and secondary schools. Interactive content goes a long way when it comes to stimulating your minds.

4. Modular Robotics

This company is taking things to the next level, as their construction toy can be used across all levels of education alike. The Cubelets have proven to be quite a success, as their form factor is a fan favorite among both children and adults alike. These robot building blocks will promote thinking, analytical skills, and creativity at the same time. Moreover, the Cubelets link together through Magnetics, removing the need for wires and soldering altogether.


The products created by TETRIX are designed for secondary school and university students. Considering how the product revolves around metal building sets – mostly aimed at construction – it is safe to say these tools need to be kept away from small children. The company provides all kinds of materials to build any type of robotic one can think of. The possibilities are nearly limitless when it comes to using the company’s products.

2. PhotoCREA

This particular company ups the robotics game even further, as they use a 3D printed body to learn design and programming to secondary and university students. These robots come with rather googly eyes too, which give them a high “cuteness” factor. It is easy to program these robots, which gives students valuable insights as to how coding works and what one can possibly achieve with it.

1. Lego Mindstorm NXT

It is impossible to not have heard of Lego’s Mindstorm sets by now. Albeit these sets are not exactly cheap, they are an invaluable educational tool for all ages. The company focuses on preschool, elementary, and middle school students. Not only is the Mindstorm educational set quite attractive, Lego also has its own WeDo 2.0 app for a more interactive approach. Combining all of these tools into one powerful ecosystem will bring robotics to the educational sector in the future, that much is certain.

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