Top 6 Cheapest Countries for Internet Access

Not too long ago, we looked at the most expensive countries for broadband internet access. On the other end of the scale, there are quite a few countries where internet is incredibly expensive. Do keep in mind these prices reflect the monthly costs for a 10Mbit Cable or ADSL connection. The countries in this list might surprise you, that much is certain.

6. Belarus

Eastern European countries are not exactly known for respecting user’s privacy when it comes to internet access. The positive side is how obtaining a 10Mbit connection in most of these countries is rather inexpensive. In Belarus, one can get broadband internet for as little as US$9.40 per month. Compared to the western world, that rate seems almost ridiculously cheap, even though there are a few countries with cheaper access.

5. Bulgaria

One does not hear too much technological news coming out of Bulgaria these days. For some reason, that is quite strange, considering the country provides cheap broadband internet access. For the price of US$8.38 a month, a 10Mbit connection could be yours. A solid internet infrastructure will go a long way in the digital age, that much is certain.

4. Romania

Although Romania has somewhat of a bad reputation among internet users, it is also a country with one of the largest populations of IT freelancers. It is unclear of its cheap broadband internet access has anything to do with that fact, albeit it must play a role somehow. A 10Mbit connection in Romania costs US$7.36 according to the latest statistics. Quite a sharp price, to say the least.

3. Russia

No one would have expected to see Russia on the list of countries with cheap broadband internet access. At the same time, these connections come with no privacy and will restrict access to specific websites. You get what you pay for, even though the price of US$6.35 per month may outweigh the downsides for a lot of people. Blocking specific websites is not uncommon in Russia, though.

2. Venezuela

Venezuela is a country with a lot of problems, particularly in the financial sector. One thing that will always remain affordable to most people is cheap broadband access. Venezuela is the world’s second-cheapest country in this regard. For the price of US$3.94, surfing the web becomes available. Then again, there are quite a few electricity blackouts in the country and it is believed the government is not keen on online free speech either.

1. Ukraine

Last but not least, there is the country of Ukraine. This European country is home to an even larger number of online freelancers, which means everyone needs affordable internet access. Statistics indicate the price for a 10Mbit connection is as low as US$3.23 per month, which is absolutely astonishing. It is unclear how thoroughly the government controls internet access in Ukraine, though.

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