Top 6 Artificial Intelligence Software

In the world of technology and artificial intelligence, there have been quite some developments over the past few months. Some of these software solutions deserve more positive attention, as they can make quite an impact on the world over the coming years. Below are some of the top AI software solutions people should take notice of.

#6 Braina

Braina – short for Brain Artificial – is an intelligent virtual assistant that lets users interact with their PC through voice commands. Some of its functions include a speech to text dictation, playing songs and videos, automating keyboard commands, and bringing up news or weather information. Moreover, Braina can learn, process, and remember data from previous conversations. From a consumer point of view, Braina can become quite a powerful tool over the next few years.

#5 Evi

One of primary use cases for artificial intelligence right now is to have consumers use voice commands to ask questions. Solutions such as Evi will answer to any question it is asked in a smart manner. Information is extracted from multiple knowledge sources. Evi can also be used to convert units and currencies if the user asks it to do so. This software is still in the early stages of development, and more functionality will be added over time.

#4 Easy Launcher

The Easy Launcher is an application for the mobile Android ecosystem. This launcher does not work like other solutions in the launcher space, as it opens websites and applications based on voice commands. Moreover, Easy Launcher can open settings and switch features such as WiFi and Bluetooth on or off. Do keep in mind this is still a “weak” artificial intelligence type, yet it brings a lot of convenience to Android users all over the world.


People who have ever seen any of the Iron Man movies may feel AIVC will be quite similar to how Jarvis works. Users can ask questions, chit chat, and even control most of their internet-connected devices with the Artificial intelligent Voice Control software. It is not capable of solving difficult mathematical equations just yet, but AIVC is one of the most powerful AI-driven software solutions available today.

#2 Google Now

Consumers all over the world have praised Google Now time and time again for its uncanny ability to provide users with the information they need. Most of the data is gathered from various other Google services, including Gmail, Maps, and YouTube.  Although Google Now is not necessarily providing clever or funny replies just yet, it is one of the most complete AI-based software packages.

#1 Siri

Apple’s artificial intelligence-driven voice assistant has gotten a lot of media attention over the past few years. Similarly to Google Now, Siri can pull data and information from multiple sources. Moreover, Siri is also capable of spouting some fun and quirky reply to voice queries, which makes it feel more ‘human” than Google’s offering. Although Siri is far from perfect, it is a big step in the right direction.

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