Top 5 Wireless Technologies

It is evident that there is a growing demand for wireless technologies all over the world. While most people use the Internet in a wireless fashion already, there are far more wireless technologies out there which deserve a lot more attention. As we achieve further advancements in the technology sector, wireless protocols will become even more important than before. Rest assured there is a lot to get excited about in the world of wireless technologies.

#5 Zigbee

zigbee wirless

Most people will have never heard of Zigbee before, even though this wireless technology provides quite a few advantages. Zigbee offers excellent wireless control path network, although it was never designed for high-speed data transfers, such as WiFi. Zigbee is mainly designed to operate for a very long time at low cost and with low power consumption. Wireless monitoring and control platforms can benefit a lot from Zigbee technology.

#4 WiMAX

Do not confuse WiMAX with the US chain of IMAX movie theaters, as the two are nothing alike. WiMAX is a wireless technology, which can be used to transmit information in the form of microwaves. It is possible to use the WiMAX technology in two ways: point-to-point communication or multi-point access to portable devices. There are two subtypes of this technology, known as Fixed WiMAX and mobile WiMAX.

Using the internet over the WiMAX protocol could be quite challenging, as there is limited bandwidth available. That being said, it can be used for smart grids and metering, providing IPTV services, and even provide a wireless alternative to cable and DSL broadband access. Do not expect broadband cable modem speeds from this protocol just yet, though, even though it is an economically viable solution for providing internet access is remote locations.

#3 VoIP

Many people tend to forget VoIP – Voice over IP – is another wireless protocol. In fact, this technology has become so common over the past few years, one would almost forget there once was a world without VoIP solutions. Conducting voice communications and multimedia sessions over the Internet Protocol is an excellent way to stay in touch with friends and family, regardless of where they are in the world at that time.

#2 Bluetooth

Any device we use on a regular basis these days seem to have an option for Bluetooth connectivity. That is not entirely surprising, as Bluetooth technology has been one of the greatest innovations over the past decades. Being able to transmit files, audio, and video over Bluetooth has revitalized the home entertainment industry. Moreover, it is now possible to use peripherals, such as input devices, in conjunction with more than one device over the Bluetooth protocol.

#1 WiFi

wifi wireless technology

It is impossible to discuss wireless technologies and not talk bout WiFi itself. The demand for WiFi connectivity continues to grow, resulting in more public hotspots popping up all over the world. Users still need to be careful when using guest and public WiFi networks, though, as they are not always properly secured. At home, the introduction of 5GHZ WiFi is a great step forward, even though its maximum speed remains somewhat limited, depending on which hardware is being used. It is highly likely WiFi speeds will increase tremendously over the next few years.

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