Top 5 Ways to Bring Your Outdated Tech Back to Life

With technological advancements beyond our wildest dreams, devices and technology soon becomes outdated due to new and better technology surfacing. It seems wasteful to just throw out our old phones, computers, and even routers. Many of us probably have a number of discarded tech devices around our homes, so why not turn that outdated tech into something useful, other than a paper weight.

1. Use an old mobile phone for a dedicated VOIP handset

We first started hearing about this from Apple, that taught us how to turn an iPad into an iPhone with a few simple tricks and VOIP service. For those of you not familiar with the acronym, VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Think of Google Hangouts or Skype. After you have a VOIP app installed, simply leave it open and running, and Voila! Your brand new, old smartphone VOIP handset has been born!

2. Old Routers can be used for Wireless Internet Radio

While I won’t go into technical details, it’s surprisingly easy. The Asus WL-520GU Wireless Router, or types like it, are recommended, but it can be done with any wireless router. In addition, you’ll need a USB sound card.  Then you’re off to the races!

3. Old PC Cooling Fans can be Broken Down and Turned into Battery Charging Wind Turbines

For this one, a little investigation is needed into how wind powered energy works, but with the scale of a PC fan, it won’t take a genius. With some simple hand tools, a PC fan (which most of us techies have in abundance) and some wind, off you go!

4. Use That Old Router to Automate Your Home

This is not as simple as it sounds, I’m sure. Your router needs to be OpenWRT- compatible, and you’ll need a few other tools along with a reliable how-to article, but it can and has been done for way below the price tag of most smart home systems.

5. Use Your Old Webcams as Security Cameras

With computers and phones having cameras built right into them, the use of external webcams has dropped significantly. Instead of throwing them out or leaving them to collect dust, why not make your home and mind more secure. Most external webcams come with standard and regular USB cords, so hooking them up and catching a would-be-burglar is better than catching would-be-dust bunnies.

These are only a few ideas for what your old, outdated tech devices can do for you. If you have any cool uses for old tech, let us know in the comment section below!

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