Top 5 VR Gadgets Worth Keeping an eye on

With so many people getting excited about virtual reality, it is only normal we will see VR-oriented gadgets and accessories. Right now, the majority of focus is on available and upcoming VR headsets, but these are not the only tools attributing to immersion. We have taken a look at some of the to-be-released VR gadgets that will enhance the experience in different ways.

5. Samsung Gear 360

Consuming different types of content in VR is one thing, but the content in question needs to be VR-ready as well. Shooting a movie, documentary, or TV show with virtual reality capabilities will require dedicated cameras. The Samsung Gear 360 will provide this functionality and allows users to control the ball movement with their Samsung Galaxy phone. A camera capable of shooting 360-degree video is a great addition to the VR ecosystem, although a price has not been announced yet.

Samsung Gear 360

4.  GoPro Odyssey

For those with a larger budget – and a professional crew to operate this gadget -the GoPro Odyssey could be interesting to keep an eye on. A total of 16 GoPro HERO Black cameras are located¬†on a circular mount, which will stitch together 360-degree video using Google Jump. Although no price has been announced yet, rest assured this gadget will be well above most consumers’ budgets. For the movie industry, however, the GoPro Odyssey could be quite a valuable addition.

GoPro Odyssey

3. Nokia Ozo

With a price tag of US$60,000, the Nokia Ozo has to bring quite the “wow factor” to the table. This funky-looking device is a professional-grade camera for shooting immersive VR videos. While shooting 360-degree video content can be achieved with the two previous devices as well, the Nokia Ozo provides 360-degree surround sound to boot. A combination of video and audio will allow users to fully immerse themselves into VR, that much is certain.

Nokia Ozo

2. 3SIXT 360

For people who want to create VR content on a budget the 3SIXT 360 is well worth considering. This 360-degree camera can shoot full-HD quality video with panorama and fisheye lenses. Moreover, it is capable of connecting to a mobile app which makes transferring video and photos to one’s phone or other mobile device a breeze. For the price of AU$200, the 3SIXT 360 checks most of the right boxes to start creating VR-ready content without a massive investment.

3SIXT 360

1. HTC Vive Tracker

HTC is redeeming itself as a major player in the virtual reality hardware manufacturer space. The HTC Vive is one of the most popular VR headsets available today, despite facing stiff competition from the likes of Samsung, Playstation, and Oculus. HTC is looking to up the game a bit more, as the company unveiled their Vive Tracker during CES 2017.

What this little device does is give users an option to turn any physical object into a trackable VR controller. From what we can gather, the Vive Tracker will support toy guns, baseball bats, and fire hoses. More devices will be supported as this platform matures, though. Considering one needs controllers to truly experience VR, using household objects as a controller makes a lot of sense, and it increases the portability of the device as well.

HTC Vive Tracker

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