Top 5 Trends in the Trading Market

To be a trendsetter in any industry means to be the most revolutionary in the way of thinking. That’s why an emerging trend always implies a change, sometimes a very radical one. Not to miss a moment when a trend drives the next revolution, we need to be aware of them. Well, let’s get down to the point.

#1 STO

2017 was a year of ICO. According to Google Trends statistics, the interest to ICO started to rise in June of 2017, reaching it’s highest point on 7-13 January of 2018. Since that time, there was no hype about ICOs in the crypto community. Lots of scams worth billions made ICO a high-risk type of investment.

Thereafter STO replaced ICO. Blockchain is a high technology and can benefit the financial market in many ways. People only need to think of reliable infrastructure to make the most of it. Blockchain is decentralized and is available in any part of the world at any time. STO opens up new doors to more investors globally to invest in early-stage innovative companies. If implemented efficiently, security token offerings can become an excellent solution for the time-consuming, expensive, and complicated IPO process.

#2 Stable coins 

Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile. They can grow double in a matter of weeks and drop just as soon. For higher stability and liquidity, different developers started creating stable coins. Those are coins backed by any type of asset less volatile than cryptocurrencies. The most common example is USDT or Tether, backed 1 to 1 by USD. Isn’t it great to have a dollar bill upgraded with blockchain? USDT price is always $1, meaning that Tether follows where USD goes. Whether it’s good or not depends on your strategy, but for traders, it’s definitely is a handy tool to hedge risks fast when BTC loses position.

#3 Copy-trading

One more job title emerged recently. From now on, there is such a job as a professional cryptocurrency trader – a person performing this work on a daily basis. On particular platforms, they can share signals, strategies, and even let other users follow them, in other words – auto-copy them. With copy-trading, anyone can trade effortlessly. Whether it will be successful depends only on the expertise of the trader you follow.

#4 AI

Thanks to artificial intelligence, cars can drive without humans. Thanks to this same technology algorithmic trading bot can trade without you. You simply need “to teach” it how to trade, that is, set up an algorithm with buy/sell order triggers. If you want to go even further, you might need a more sophisticated trading bot. Bitsonar’s trading bot, for example, is able to analyze patterns and trends affecting the price of cryptocurrencies. Bitsonar’s trading bot also makes highly-precise predictions thanks to an in-depth analysis of Twitter and Reddit search queries, price rates on the major exchanges, and past tendencies.  

#5 Institutional trading

Benefiting crypto becomes harder in the red market. You either know how to trade or you wait till the market turns green. Professional traders know how to profit both in bear and bull markets. Investment funds, like Bitsonar, have all the required infrastructure and resources to come out winning in any case. The team works on mitigating the risks to the minimum and getting the highest profit. It all is possible thanks to predictive analysis and efficient risk management.