Top 5 Social Media dApps That Reward Its Users With Tokens (June 2022)

The social media systems developed on the blockchain are referred to as decentralized social networks. Many blockchains, such as the Hive and Steem networks, are excelling at developing blockchain-based social media dApps. Indeed, there are many benefits to decentralized social networks like Censorship resistance and incentive structures for rewards.

  • Censorship resistance refers to the process of creating a decentralized social network that limits unwanted access to user data, does away with censorship, and gives people control over their data.
  • Also, Numerous decentralized social networks provide users with small token rewards as Incentives to support the ecosystem.

Decentralized technology promises to present a new method for safeguarding data privacy and enhancing content governance in the social media sector. We are looking at Top Social Media dApps Sorted By User’s Growth in the last 30 days.


step app featured

Step App is the first app on the protocol, built by the core team. The NFT economy has ushered a variety of altcoin sector bull runs. The most prominent of these has been the dominance of GameFi and metaverse products for much of 2021. The greatest performing assets of last year fit into these sectors.

FitFi is at the cross-section of making the physical and the digital; it’s a culmination of a very physical experience (fitness) within the metaverse through the use of NFTs and geo-location technology. Augmented reality for better immersion is an added feature of Step’s FitFi metaverse.

Users earn for hitting fulfilling quests, combining their fitness goals with novel income incentives. Early User sign-ups can get rewarded with free SNEAK NFTs too.

The number of unique wallet addresses interacting with the dApp’s smart contracts is at 20,660, with about 32,809 transactions on the dApp’s smart contracts. It’s built on Avalanche Blockchain.

2. Steemit

steemit app featured

Steemit has redefined social media by building a living, breathing, and growing social economy – a community where users are rewarded for sharing their voices. It’s a new kind of attention economy.

The “rewards pool” of a community is continually replenished with new STEEM tokens thanks to the Steem blockchain. Based on the votes that their material earns, these tokens are subsequently given to users as compensation for their work.

A more significant share of the rewards pool will be awarded at users’ discretion with more “Steem Power” (the number of tokens in their account).

You can earn digital tokens on Steemit by Posting, Voting and curating, Purchasing STEEM or Steem Dollar tokens directly through their Steemit wallet and Vesting (Holding).

The number of unique wallet addresses interacting with the dApp’s smart contracts is 9,882, with Transactions made to dApp’s smart contracts at 356,967. It’s built on Steem Blockchain.

3. Lens Protocol

lens protocol

By enabling creators to control the connections between themselves and their community, the Lens Protocol aims to create a completely composable, decentralized social graph. Users can engage with one another through their profiles, which is how this is accomplished. In this context, “profile” refers explicitly to Lens profiles, while “user” specifically relates to standard crypto-wallets.

Modularity was considered throughout the entire design process of the protocol. The multisig that presently oversees Lens Protocol will be replaced by a larger DAO that will be able to create and approve new modules and functional enhancements.

With Lens Protocol, you are in control. You own your profile, where you use it, how you use it, and even how you monetize it. That means you have the power over your content, and it’s’ all right there, as an NFT, in your wallet.

The number of unique wallet addresses interacting with the dApp’s smart contracts is 7,726, with Transactions made to dApp’s smart contracts at 519,985. It’s built on Polygon Blockchain.

4. PeakD

peakd thevrsoldier featured, a fork of on the HIVE blockchain, became live in 2020, focusing on integrating Hive and numerous other blockchains. Early in 2018, launched The Peak initiatives.

They wish to serve as a gateway into the decentralized world of blockchain and combine all the incredible capabilities it offers in a simple, user-friendly way. They achieve this through decentralized design principles, features created especially for content producers, and an easy user interface.

HIVE uses two cryptographic currencies: HIVE and HBD. “reward system” distributes new tokens daily. Users can post content and get votes that result in tokens earned via the “Rewards System.”

The number of unique wallet addresses interacting with the dApp’s smart contracts is 7,626, with Transactions made to dApp’s smart contracts at 392,162. It’s built on Hive Blockchain.

5. Ecency

ecency dapp featured

Ecency is a decentralized social network built on the blockchain and powered by Hive.

Free expression and rewarding communities for content creators with true/full ownership are found in Ecency.

Ecency is a center of technologically advanced communities where individuals may earn money for their time, skills, and knowledge while maintaining total control over their accounts, communities, and content.

Ecency rewards content creators with a built-in incentive mechanism of blockchain, with tokens (HIVE, HIVE DOLLARS, HIVE POWER) as well as Points. Tokens can be purchased and sold in major cryptocurrency exchanges. Points could be utilized within the platform and traded for goods and services.

The number of unique wallet addresses interacting with dApp’s smart contracts is 5,372, with Transactions made to dApp’s smart contracts at 310,444. It’s built on Hive Blockchain.

Conclusion – Don’t just use Social Media. Get Paid While doing so!

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or using any service.

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