Top 5 Projects Bridging the Gap Between Drones and Virtual Reality

Technology enthusiasts are excited about the prospects provided by virtual reality and the drone industry. Some companies are bringing these two worlds together in what can be heralded as the first generation of VR-capable drones. We have looked at some of the projects that combine drones with VR. It is safe to say the future is looking bright for the technology sector.

5. Aerix VIDIUS HD

Aerix presents this project as the world’s smallest live streaming HD video drone. It has to be said, the VIDIUS HD is quite small, yet it packs a lot of power. It is possible to buy the drone with or without the Aerix VR goggles. Using these goggles will provide a better immersive experience for pilots, though, as they receive a live High Definition first-person view. Users can also experience VR drone flight with any other VR headset supporting Android and iOS phones, though.

4. Promark P70 VR

It is evident a lot of drone manufacturers see a bright future ahead where VR is concerned. Promark offers one of the more affordable solutions to users looking for a VR experience while flying their drone. The company bundles their drones with the VR 3D Goggles for a sharp price. Moreover, they allow users to stream, record, and photograph in 720p HD, thanks to the drone’s built-in WiFi signal. With a distance of 900 feet, the Promark P70 VR can cover quite a lot of distance compared to other devices in the same price category.

3. Exo360

The Exo360 drone is developed by Queen B Robotics, and is one of the more sophisticated VR drones to be found on the market. The device is equipped with 5 cameras, presenting a 360 degree 4K Ultra HD image. It is possible to experience the drone’s flight in virtual reality through the proprietary application. Similarly to other models, the Exo360 supports live streaming. This particular model started out as an Indiegogo campaign, which successfully raised its funding goal in July of 2016.

2. FLYBi

One of the first projects to combine drones with virtual reality came in the form of an IndieGoGo campaign. A futuristic drone streaming bird’s eye view to virtual reality goggles was quite the novelty in 2015. FLYBi was quite a successful IndieGogo campaign, as the team raised US$156,064. Keep in mind the on-sale price for the total package was US$899 at the time, which is a fair bit more expensive than some of the models we have mentioned above.

1. CloudlightFPV

Although CloudlightFPV is not a drone, the application should not be dismissed so easily. This project, a collaboration between DJI Drones, Zeiss, and developer Kai Aras can transform the way people think about drones altogether. Although the app is only available to owners for the VR One headset, it allows them to view the world through a drone’s perspective with relative ease. Not only will this create a whole new experience, but it can also aid newcomers in successfully steering their drones without friction.

The possibilities of bringing drones and VR together are virtually limitless, though. The educational sector, for example, may see teachers explain history to students as they wear VR headsets and observe important locations through a drone’s point of view. Content creators and graphical artists can reap the benefits of what CloudlightFPV brings to the table as well. It is quite an intriguing concept that has the backing of one of the world’s largest drone manufacturers.

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