Top 5 Most Creative 3D Prints

The world of 3D printing has seen quite some intriguing advancements as of late. Not just on the technical side of things, but also when it comes to user creativity. In fact, there have been quite a few unusual yet appealing 3D printed objects people should take a closer look at. Below is a brief list of such items which look cool, even though most people wouldn’t find a use for them.

5. Kaleidoscope Clock

When using a 3D printer, there is virtually nothing that can’t be created. The only limitation is one’s imagination. In some cases, this limitation leads to creative results, such as the kaleidoscope clock. It is printed as two separate pieces that come together to a functional clock in the end. Not only is this a very artistic creation, but it also rather inexpensive to purchase or make yourself.

Kaleidoscopic Clock

4. Fabrics

There is a lot more to 3D printing than plastic screws or cup holders. It is very well possible to create perfect fitting clothing with a 3D printer, even though the model most users have at home is probably not suitable for this type of project. The concept of 3D printed fabrics is quite intriguing, as it requires less labor and creates recyclable materials. Moreover, one knows for sure the item purchased will actually fit, which could be quite beneficial to online clothing retailers in the future.

3D Fabrics

3. Electric Light Shoe

Most people may have seen the latest generation of Chinese sports shoes, which have led lights embedded near the bottom. One 3D printing artist took things one step further by making an electric light shoe. Although it doesn’t fit to wear – it is one meter long – it was created by only using a 3D printer. Buying such a shoe will cost close to 6,000 Euros, though. That being said, it is quite an interesting concept that goes to show 3D printing can achieve many great things.

Electric Light Shoe

2. Heddle Loom

One of the last things people would expect to see come out of a 3D printer is a heddle loom. Weaving fabric seems to be something very few people engaged in these days, even though it remains a vital part of the clothing manufacturing industry. For those among us who are into weaving fabric, a 3D printed heddle loom can go a long way. Some assembly is still required afterward, though. Printing objects like these could be a valuable addition to history lessons or even museums.

3D Heddle Loom

1. Shakuhachi Flute

Although this object sounds like something that comes straight out of the Zelda video games, that is not the case. In fact, the Shakuhachi flute is a traditional Japanese flute which is usually made out of stainless steel. Most 3D printers only work with plastic and other soft materials, yet one person 3D printed his own Shakuhachi flute out of stainless steel a few years ago.

Skahuhachi Flute

Measuring 9.4 inches long, this is a beautiful example of how 3D printing can enhance human craftsmanship. Every flute comes with a tiny dragon design and is available in different finishes. The person creating these flutes charges US$240 per item, which is more than affordable. 3D printing helps keep the costs down, which is an added bonus.

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