Top 5 Metaverse Crypto Coins With a Unit Price Below $2 to Watch in March 2022

Low unit price Metaverse crypto coins are some of the most popular options for traders since it means users can accumulate more tokens for a lower price. While it’s true that you can buy a fraction of a Metaverse crypto coin, users prefer to purchase more significant amounts of coins. This article looks at our pick of the top five Metaverse crypto coins with a unit price below $2, ordered by the current unit price, lowest to highest.

5. Stacks (STX) – $1.23

Launched in November 2019, Stacks is a platform enabling NFTs, DeFi, smart contracts, and apps for Bitcoin. Its slogan is “unleash Bitcoin’s full potential.”

Stacks’ mission is to create a better, user-owned, decentralized internet. To do it, they’re unleashing Bitcoin, the most battle-tested and valuable blockchain in the world.

Stacks is a layer-1 blockchain that brings smart contracts and decentralized apps to Bitcoin. The project introduced the first consensus algorithm between two blockchains. Stacks includes dozens of apps ranging from DeFi platforms, tokens, staking pools, NFT marketplaces, social media, and more.

The STX blockchain uses a mechanism called Proof of Transfer, a consensus algorithm connecting Stacks and Bitcoin. With Proof of Transfer, Stacks brings DeFi and NFT technology to the Bitcoin blockchain.

Stacks works like Polygon, enabling developers to build apps and harness Ethereum’s security. Stacks allows users to create powerful apps harnessing Bitcoin’s robust network.

STX is the native utility asset on the platform powering the network and enabling users to mine and stake their assets. The STX cryptocurrency is designed primarily as “fuel” to execute smart contracts.

You can purchase STX on, Binance, Coinbase Exchange, KuCoin, OKX, Exchange, OKcoin, Upbit, WazirX,, Tokocrypto, and more.

4. Enjin Coin (ENJ) – $1.30

Launched in June 2018, Enjin is one of the longest-running cryptocurrency projects on the market, featuring a leading mobile app with over 1.7 million downloads.

Enjin is also one of the most popular launchpads for NFTs and crypto projects, establishing itself as a leader in the space. With a current market cap of $1.1 billion, Enjin is the 70th largest crypto project on the market and the 6th largest Metaverse crypto coins, making this one of the safer investments.

When it comes to the Metaverse, Enjin is developing its Efinity blockchain, made specifically for Metaverse crypto gaming, enabling developers, brands, and users a next-generation blockchain to develop Metaverse-based applications.

Enjin is an all-in-one ecosystem with services for individuals, developers, and businesses. Its focus is to make it easier for users to launch NFTs and is an exceptionally underrated project that’s a must-watch in March 2022.

ENJ is the native utility asset on the platform powering the Enjin ecosystem.

You can buy ENJ on, Binance, Coinbase Exchange, Kraken, Bybit, FTX, Bithumb, KuCoin, Huobi Global, Uniswap, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Coinlist Pro, Bitstamp, and more.

3. Star Atlas DAO (POLIS) – $1.41

Launched in September 2021, Star Atlas is a top-rated Solana-based Metaverse project building a grand strategy space-themed game of exploration, political domination, and territorial conquest.

Star Atlas features the popular play-to-earn model, allowing players to earn rewards and create a new source of income in its Metaverse.

For a brief overview of the type of quality you can expect from Star Atlas, check out this trailer:

Star Atlas’ Metaverse is still in development, but the project features a unique and highly sought-after NFT marketplace where users can buy various items. The marketplace is exceptionally well designed and includes a vast collection of NFTs you can currently purchase.

Star Atlas’ NFT marketplace features a unique order book style when it comes to bidding on NFTs, similar to how traditional exchanges feature sell/buy orders. This makes it easier to purchase NFTs and keep track of their price fluctuations. While there are NFTs on the marketplace that are pretty expensive, you’re bound to find some affordable ones as well.

Star Atlas is one of the best-designed Metaverse crypto coins on the market, and the project is a must-watch in March 2022.

Star Atlas includes two tokens in its ecosystem, ATLAS, and POLIS. While ATLAS is the primary utility asset on the platform, POLIS is the native governance token for Star Atlas, enabling holders to vote on proposals and shape the project’s future.

You can buy POLIS on FTX, Raydium, Poloniex,, Serum DEX, MEXC, Bitget, Hotbit, AscentED (Bitmax), Kraken, and more.

2. Heroes Chained (HEC) – $1.62

Launched in January 2022, Heroes Chained is the leading blockchain-based RPG Metaverse crypto coin on the Avalanche network.

The gameplay involves users collecting NFT heroes and becoming guild masters. Heroes Chained incorporates the play-to-earn model, incentivizing users to participate in the ecosystem by receiving rewards.

Some game features include crafting gear, building their clan, and upgrading their guild. The game also features a PVP mode allowing players to battle each other, earn rewards, and take on quests.

There are some similarities between Heroes Chained and Blizzard’s popular Diablo series, as it revolves around users building their heroes and completing dungeons.

Check out this gameplay alpha gameplay premiere for Heroes Chained:

Heroes Chained is a highly underrated project that’s a must-watch in March 2022. Its developers are focused on the gameplay itself rather than on the economics of the underlying token. It goes without saying that most in-game assets are tokenized since this is a blockchain-based game.

HEC is the primary utility asset on the platform, an Avalanche-based token whose utility includes buying heroes, crafting gear, buying land, guilds, and more. Moreover, users can receive HEC as rewards for playing the game and winning battles against opponents.

You can buy HEC on CoinEx, Pangolin, TraderJoe, Huobi Global, and more.

1. Aavegotchi (GHST) – $1.93

Initially launched in February 2021, Aavegotchi is one of the longer-running Metaverse crypto coins on the market whose gameplay revolves around users collecting pixelated ghosts called Aavegotchis.

Each Aavegotchi is an NFT, representing a DeFi powered pet. Players have full ownership of their pets and can develop a kinship score, which increases the value of their pets.

Players must summon an Aavegotchi by purchasing one or using a Portal to start playing. Players can then equip their Aavegotchis with wearables and earn experience by upgrading their pets.

You can think of Aavegotchi as the blockchain-based version of the popular Tamagotchi pet popular in the early 2000s. If you’re a 90s baby, I’m sure you remember the hype surrounding Tamagotchis.

GHST is the native utility asset on the platform, an ERC-20 token living on the Ethereum blockchain. GHST is utilized for transactions, interactions, and various in-game activities. Moreover, GHST can be used as a governance token to vote on proposals by the Aavegotchi DAO.

With a market cap of $117 million, Aavegotchi is one of the most underrated and undervalued projects on this list that’s a must-watch in March 2022.

You can buy GHST on, Kraken, KuCoin, Binance, and more.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any Metaverse crypto coin.

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