Top 5 Languages Driving Google Trends’ Bitcoin Results

It is always quite interesting to see why and when people search for the term “Bitcoin.” It is even more intriguing to figure out what language these people speak, and how they search for Bitcoin exactly. The results recently published on Reddit are quite interesting, although not everything is entirely surprising. Below are the Google Trends for Bitcoin based on native language searches.

4. Chinese Mandarin

Although China used to dictate the Bitcoin price momentum for the longest time, it appears Bitcoin is no longer an active Google Trend in Chinese Mandarin searches right now. In fact, the number of searches for Bitcoin in this particular language has all but dropped to near-zero over the past few years. There was a major spike at the end of 2013 and early 2014, when Mt. Gox was artificially pushing the price to new heights.

3. Japanese

It is not entirely surprising very few people search for Bitcoin in Japanese characters. Although the country has quite a few exchanges, and Bitcoin has been officially regulated in Japan, there is no specific region to look  for it by typing it in Japanese either. There is an increase in the number of Google searches right now, though, but it is safe to say most people will search for Bitcoin in English. The lack of Japanese Bitcoin news blogs and websites may have something to do with this as well.

2. Hindi

There are a few languages which are quite common all over the world. English is – naturally – one of them, but so is Hindi. One would expect the vast majority of people who speak Hindi to conduct their Google searches in the same language as well. That may be true for most terms, but Bitcoin is not always on that list. More specifically, the number of Hindi searches for Bitcoin has gone up over time, but it seems the popularity quickly dies down after every new peak.

That is not entirely shocking either, considering the regions where Hindi is the common language often have no Bitcoin regulation. Moreover, these are usually developing regions where financial hardship is the new norm. This leaves most peoplle with very little money on the table to be spent investing in Bitcoin. Even though the popular cryptocurrency can bring a more positive financial future to these countries, it may take a while until it makes an impact. There has been a recent peak – and subsequent decline – in Hindi searches for Bitcoin, though.

1. English and Spanish

Although one could argue Bitcoin and Spanish should not necessarily be grouped, they are the two most commonly spoken languages among Western Bitcoin enthusiasts these days. It is not surprising to see the vast majority of Google searches for Bitcoin be conducted in both of these languages these days. In fact, the number of Google Searches for Bitcoin – in either English or Spanish – in increasing significantly these past few months.

Since Bitcoin is a global currency, Google Trends for this search term will be more prominent when it comes to global-spoken languages. English and Spanish are both very common languages anywhere you go. Moreover, those two languages are often found in Google results for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related news. Until other languages catch up with Bitcoin information and news, these results will not change anytime soon.

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