Top 5 Interesting Devices From CES 2017

The biggest companies in the technology sector gather annually in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to unveil their latest inventions. In this article, we review 5 of the most interesting devices from the conference that just ended yesterday.

Every year people end up flabbergasted with the new gadgets and software solutions presented at one of the major technology conferences in the world: the CES. Companies such as Panasonic, Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, Hyundai, and Nvidia, are just a few among the sheer number of corporations that decide to showcase their solutions in the photography, video games, bioengineering, and vehicle industry. This year was no different from the rest, that’s why we decided to present you the Top 5 Interesting Devices From CES 2017:

5. FridgeCam

The gadget that senses the food on your fridge. Despite the fact that there are already smart devices for the kitchen, and even fridges running Android OS, no one has released a solution to make our refrigerators more intelligent. FridCam (as its name suggests) includes a camera with food detection software, offering the user an accurate inventory list. The initial set up requires you to barcode scan the ingredient or enter the type of food and you are good to go.

4. Casio SmartWatch

The “WSD-F20” is the new member of the ‘Pro Trek Smart’ family of devices. This Casio smartwatch packs a 50 meter-deep water resistance, and an incredible low-power GPS technology to display your location all the time on the home screen in full color. Maps can be displayed even when the connected smartphone is offline, such as in areas where cellular service cannot reach. The map works in tandem with the built-in GPS function to display positioning information. This watch also comes with an altimeter, barometric, and magnetic sensors.

3. URB-E

The URB-E is an electric bike that can recharge your smartphone and other gadgets. Created to be lightweight (30 lbs) and compact, the bike comes with a particularly: it doesn’t have pedals. The battery is capable of providing 16 miles of range and can charge devices via USB port. The ‘most affordable’ URB-E model costs $899.

2. Radiation-blocking underwear

Perhaps the most bizarre ‘gadget’ of the CES was this undergarment designed to protect manhood from infertility. The Spartan is a boxer that features silver microfibers that block 99% of wireless signals. It can’t protect you from nuclear radiation, but at least you will still be able to have kids after your 20’s, or at least, that’s what the company behind this product says. No real scientific study has found enough evidence to support the claim that low energy radiation can make people sterile.

1. Project Valerie

Razer, the popular gaming-oriented brand, has announced a new, flamboyant laptop that comes with three LCD panels. The three 4K displays offer a combined resolution of 11520 x 2160. The device weighs 5 kilograms (11 lbs) and the additional screens are foldable. Project Valerie comes with a GTX 1080, and an Intel i7 CPU.

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