Top 5 Best-Looking Cryptocurrency Software Wallets

When people experiment with a cryptocurrency wallet, there are different needs to cater to. Some people like advanced trading options, whereas others just want a wallet solution that looks good. Thankfully, there are quite a few good-looking cryptocurrency wallets out there. Do keep in mind this is all subject to personal preferences and need. Below are some of the wallets that we think look pretty decent.

5. Mobi

mobi wallet


The Mobile Bitcoin wallet is quite an interesting project. It is available to mobile users around the world, and offers an elegant yet clutter-free user interface. Users can quickly convert their Bitcoin balance to many different currencies, all of which are presented in the form of one screen. It is a great wallet for novice Bitcoin users, to say the least. Moreover, Movi users can send Bitcoin to all contacts using the wallet as well, which adds a massive convenience factor.

4. Waterhole

Although web wallets should usually be avoided when it comes to storing large amounts of coins, Waterhole is quite a pleasant sight for sore eyes. Luckily, the wallet is also available for mobile devices, which makes it more secure. This wallet was well-received by the ZCash community, as it is is a beautifully designed wallet, to say the least. It is also packed with a ton of features, including a built-in marketplace. Waterhole supports both ZCash and Bitcoin at its current stage. 

3. Coinomi

coinnomie wallet

Although the Coinomi wallet should need no further introduction, a lot of people may still be unfamiliar with it. It is one of the few multi-currency wallet solutions that is both pleasing on the eye and user-friendly. As of right now, the wallet supports Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and a handful of other currencies. What makes Coinomi stand out are the bright colors and user-friendly approach to the concept of a cryptocurrency wallet. The built-in exchange service should not be overlooked either.

2. Exodus

exodus wallet

It is not hard to see why the Exodus wallet is gaining a lot of attention as of late. The developers of this wallet have done a stellar job to make it look feature-rich, vibrant, and clutter-free all at the same time. It is the representation of what most people would seek from a cryptocurrency wallet, without unnecessary bells and whistles. As far as desktop clients go, Exodus should be in the top three for nearly all cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

1. Jaxx


jaxx wallet large

It is impossible to deny the success of the Jaxx wallet over the past year or so. Not only are the developers slowly integrating support for additional currencies and assets, but the visual portion of the wallet is a sight to behold as well. Most people want a solution to store their digital wealth and not be burdened with features and information they couldn’t care less about.

That is what the Jaxx wallet does best, and it does so on a level most other wallets will never attain. What makes this project even more attractive is how the wallet continues to support more digital currencies and coins as time progresses. In recent news, the Jaxx team announced they will enable support for additional currencies and assets throughout the rest of the year.

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