Top 5 Alternative Cryptocurrencies on the Rise

In the world of alternative cryptocurrencies, it is very important to keep a diversified portfolio. Not every coin going up in value has a legitimate use case, and there are quite a few pump-and-dump schemes to be wary of. However, some altcoins are getting a lot of positive attention due to the developers putting in a lot of hard work. Below are some coins which have recently achieved major technological breakthroughs, and are now seeing their value rise as a result.

5. BlackCoin

Although a lot of people have seemingly forgotten about BlackCoin, the cryptocurrency is still around. One of the main areas of focus for this project has always been to find ways to improve the proof-of-stake protocol. In a recent update, the BlackCoin developers have unveiled their Blackcoin Lore launch, which is a solution paving the way for smart contract potential.

Moreover, this new milestone will also make BlackCoin the first proof-of-stake digital currency to implement key components from Bitcoin Core 0.12. More importantly, this update paves the way for smart contracts on the BlackCoin blockchain moving forward. It will be interesting to see when this dream will be realized, but it is definitely something to look forward to. Additionally,the update allows BlackCoin to benefit from projects such as Blockstack and Joinmarket.

4. Maidsafe

A lot of people were caught by surprise when the value of Maidsafecoin suddenly started to explode a few days ago. It seems the most recent development update has something to do with the price momentum, even though none of the updates are “major.” All of this goes to show the Maidsafe concept is inching closer toward finalization, which is good news for anyone looking into using a decentralized internet.

3. Stratis

It has to be said, the Stratis value has been a bit of a rollercoaster these past few weeks. With the value surging non-stop for nearly a week, it almost started to look like a pump. However, the value corrected quickly and is now seemingly stable around the US$9 mark. A new wallet update was released not too long ago, and it looks like developers are making good progress on the Breeze Wallet too. Moreover, it has been confirmed one can effectively mine PoS blocks inside the Breeze Wallet, which is a major development.

2. Siacoin

Siacoin has been of great interest to cryptocurrency users and speculators over the past few weeks. The world of decentralized file storage solutions is getting a lot more interesting, to say the least. A lot of users are experimenting with these solutions as a way to earn Siacoin for sharing excess hard disk space with people looking for storage solutions. Sia is one of the projects getting very close to providing actual decentralized file storage solutions to the masses. It is only natural the price of this native token goes up as well.

1. Ethereum

Although a lot of people would rather not think of Ethereum as an alternative cryptocurrency, it still fits into this category. That being said, the recent value increase of Ether has been nothing short of amazing. The value per ETH surpassed US$365 and seems to maintain that value with relative ease. However, there is still a question of how much of this price point is due to speculation, rather than “actual” value. For a cryptocurrency ecosystem with no supply cap, some people feel Ether is incredibly overvalued. Then again, the token is necessary for people looking to buy into most cryptocurrency ICOs.

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  • Huh? MAID isn’t rising. June 7th it shot up but it is back down. There is nothing there to write about. SC went up and quick fell below previous averages. That isn’t a consistent rise so nothing there neither. MOST altcoins go up once in a wild. Consistency in price fluctuation averages makes for a better article.

    • Mary

      I think you need serious help. Siacoin market cap was 17 million until May. Now its nearly 500 million. Maidsafe more than doubled compared to Bitcon the last 6 weeks. What world do you live in? Anyone can easily look this up online why do you comment at all?

      • Steve Kigen

        Hi, what would you encourage a newbie to invest in now?

        • S. Eriously


          • Steve Kigen

            I hear you but most online info are conflicting. Getting credible information is tricky

      • You misread what I wrote, Mary. And no need for insults. We are all adults. I was referring to the article. I wasn’t referring to the cryptocurrency’s trend. I hold MAID. I like MAID and SC. Why can’t we folks online stop jumping to conclusion and inquire as to what someone meant before hitting them over the head with a baseball bat?

      • My point was that ONE DAY’s market fluctuation doesn’t make for the writing of some silly article making hasty generalizations.

  • Tokamak

    That’s an impressively nuanced write up.

  • Stefan

    How is Waves not in this list!?

  • Gasmy Zamor

    I just want to know what you think about dogecoin, is it worth to invest in it now?

  • Qualified Expert

    This is very cool.
    MAIDSAFE coin is the future of safe network and storage.

  • literally all of them have crashed