Top 4 VR Fails

Anyone will gladly acknowledge the concept of virtual reality is quite intriguing, albeit somewhat scary. There is a high chance of suffering from injuries while being immersed in VR, as people’s entire concept of depth and perception is turned on its head within minutes. Motion sickness is the least of your worries when looking over some of the accidents people have suffered from so far.

4. Faceplants

One of the more common things users will experience in the VR world is the instinct to reach out for things. This can be quite dangerous while standing upright, which is how nearly every VR game needs to be played. It may seem like a natural move in VR, but leaning ahead too far will cause faceplants at some point. Depending on what surface one is standing on, this can be a very painful experience, to say the least.

In this particular example, the player experienced the sensation of falling off a cliff in VR. Our body responds to a falling sensation, even if it is in a dream state or virtual reality. As a result, he fell over and nearly smashed his face on the wooden floor. Thankfully, he was not seriously injured the process, but it goes to show there are certain physical risks associated with VR experiences.

3. Dislocated Knee

If it all fun and games until someone seriously gets injured playing VR. For one couple experiencing virtual reality together, things went from bad to worse while playing a horror game. The female somehow fell and dislocated her knee, which meant she had to be taken to the hospital by paramedics. The video seems to indicate her partner was either unaware of this development or didn’t care all that much.

2. Don’t Lean on Virtual Objects

One valuable lesson to learn from virtual reality is how not everything is what it seems. In the image below, we see a three-year-old walking over to a virtual desk and attempt to lean on it. Since the desk is not there in the real world, the outcome of this action is rather predictable. Thankfully, no injuries were sustained, albeit it made for a slightly less fun experience.

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1. Mind The Walls

More and more people will run into a wall when they play VR until they become fully aware of their surroundings. In the clip below, a VR player was experiencing one of the launch titles for the Oculus Rift. Part of the goal of this mini-game is to avoid the oncoming T-Rex before it can eat you.

Albeit the person won’t get eaten in real life, the experience is realistic enough to cause a fair bit of confusion. Walking away from the T-Rex is the natural outcome, but it is far from advised when one is in a walled-off environment. Running into a wall can be quite painful, although in this case, things seemed to work out just fine.

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