Top 4 TRON Ecosystem Tokens by Market Capitalization (2022)

To help people create and run decentralized applications, TRON has created a new digital asset called TRON Ecosystem Tokens (TRON Tokens). These tokens can be traded and exchanged just like other cryptocurrencies. They also serve as a decentralized internet platform for developers to create dapps. Just like Ethereum, anyone can create dapps and offer their content on the TRON network. They receive digital assets for this. TRON Tokens make this possible by eliminating transaction fees.

There are a number of different ecosystems and categories in the cryptocurrency space, including Metaverse crypto coins, Web3 tokens, BNB Chain tokens, Solana ecosystem crypto coins, Avalanche tokens, and much more.

This article looks at The Merkle‘s pick of the top five Tron Ecosystem tokens based on the market capitalization of each project, ranked lowest to highest.



  • Market Capitalization: $186 million

APENFT (NFT) is a token issued by APENFT, an art-based project which aims to create a global collection and a bridge between traditional artists and the NFT market. It is backed by TRON network technology and the BitTorrent File System. The BitTorrent File System is the world’s largest distributed storage system, which provides decentralized, secure, and reliable services. The technology behind APENFT’s token is similar to blockchain, which has democratized finance. It also aims to revolutionize the art world with its NFT token, which is now the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

APENFT was founded by the founder of TRON, Yuchen Sun. It supports the innovative exploration of “blockchain + art.” Its Foundation has featured works by famous artists such as Pablo Picasso’s infamous “Lying Nude with a Necklace.” Other NFT works by Cryptographic artist Beeple include the ‘Ocean’s Front’ and ‘ABUNDANCE’ (5 pieces).


just jst tron ecosystem

  • Market Capitalization: $267 million

With its decentralized platform, JUST (JST) offers a wide variety of products and services that make it a desirable option for many crypto investors. These figures are as of writing time and are approximated to two decimal places. The company also has a significant amount of hype surrounding it. The company has attracted a large number of developers to its platform. Its network is secure and diverse. It also allows developers to utilize TRON assets.

The TRON blockchain secures the JUST Network, while other platforms use a proof-of-work consensus mechanism. In TRON, token holders elect super representatives who generate blocks and package transactions. It is unclear how many JST will be in circulation at any given time. JST is expected to be fully vested by April 2022. However, there is a small supply of JST tokens in circulation.

2. BitTorrent-New (BTT)

bittorrent btt tron ecosystem token




  • Market Capitalization: $850 million

The BitTorrent-New (BTT) TRON Ecosystem Token is one of the top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. The BTT token is a form of cryptocurrency designed for file-sharing services. With it, you can increase the speed of transferring files and earn BTT as a reward. Seeding a file earns BTT for you and distributes it to other users, who will then be paid in tokens proportional to the amount of outgoing traffic.

While it is worth mentioning that BTT is a relatively new technology, many crypto users see it as a penny stock and are skeptical of its future value. To succeed in the file-sharing community, BTT must be established. It should rise above the $7 billion mark before anyone can predict its future growth. As the market cap of the crypto ecosystem grows, BTT’s price should follow.


tronlab logo

  • Market Capitalization: $6.4 billion

TRON (TRX) is a blockchain-based protocol that supports a variety of smart contract systems and blockchain networks. With over 3000 coins, choosing which ones to invest in can be challenging. Personal research is always recommended. You should also consider the market capitalization of other cryptocurrencies to get a more complete picture of the value of each coin. This article will outline the market capitalization of the top TRON Ecosystem Tokens by market cap.

The market has become increasingly liquid, with the introduction of stablecoins and utility tokens. While there are many different types of cryptocurrencies, the TRON ecosystem is a good example. USDD, for example, is a stablecoin that operates on a similar algorithm as Terra’s UST. In just half a month, USDD has already entered the top one hundred cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

The above article has been created as a result of the detailed analysis of the websites of the projects.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any Tron ecosystem tokens.

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