Top 4 Services Letting Users Pay Bills With Bitcoin

Despite bitcoin being around for several years now, a lot of people still question how they can use the popular cryptocurrency for everyday expenses. Paying bills with bitcoin often requires the involvement of a third-party service provider. While bitcoin debit cards provide a way out, the following service providers allow one to use bitcoin as a way to pay bills through wire transfers.

4. BitBill

European bitcoin users may have come across the BitBill service before. As the name suggests, the objective of this company is simple: pay bills with bitcoin. All a user has to enter is the recipient’s account number, the amount they want to pay, and any additional information they can provide. The payment for the transfer is sent in bitcoin to Bitbill, and the company will take care of the rest. On paper, it is one of the most convenient services.

One thing to take into account is how Bitbill can only be used within the SEPA region. This means international users who need to make payments to non-European recipients will have to look for other solutions to do so. Bitbill accepts multiple alternative cryptocurrencies as well, making them one of the go-to solutions to spend bitcoin on everyday expenses.

3. Denki

Japan has been warming up to bitcoin for some time now, even though the cryptocurrency is not necessarily used for mainstream purchases. Denki aims to change all of that, as the company allows bitcoin holders to pay bills with cryptocurrency. One of the primary use cases allows Japanese residents to pay their electricity bill with bitcoin. As a result of using this service, consumers would save a few percent on their overall bill, which is a nice bonus. This service will roll out to more businesses as time progresses.


The service provided by is quite an intriguing one, to say the least. The company supports bitcoin payments to several dozen service providers, including 7-Eleven stores. Ever since bitcoin started to gain traction in The Philippines, has been aggressively marketing bitcoin as a way to pay bills and send money around the world at little to no cost.

The company also allows users to cash out their bitcoin wallet balance through over 450 participating ATMs around the country. This is an excellent solution for people who do not have a bank account, yet need some cash on hand. Additionally, provides merchant services, allowing users to convince their favorite stores to accept bitcoin and add more cryptocurrency use cases to the list.

1. Living Room of Satoshi

Over in Australia, it has been possible to pay bills with bitcoin for quite some time now. Living Room of Satoshi offers this functionality at no additional costs. What makes the platform even more appealing is how paying bills with bitcoin will grant users rewards. One point is earned for every AU$1 spent on payments. All points can be reduced for presents, ranging from a Ledger Nano S to cash and even gaming consoles. Quite an innovative website to take notice of, that much is certain.

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