Top 4 Popular Management Tools for Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio

With the Bitcoin price setting new records on a nearly weekly basis, it has become more important than ever before to keep track of one’s cryptocurrency portfolio. There are several top applications which can be used to do this. We have listed four applications which anybody can use on either a desktop or mobile device, depending on the user’s preference. Always do your own research before downloading and installing any of these apps.

4. TabTrader

One of the more common applications to be used for mobile cryptocurrency portfolio management is TabTrader. TabTrader supports around a dozen exchanges these days, but some of the smaller and foreign exchanges which one would expect to see are not accessible. TabTrader works fine on mobile devices, although the widgets for specific currency prices may lag a bit now and then. A force-close of the app should solve that problems quickly. For a free app, one cannot complain too much.

3. CryptFolio

As the name suggests, CryptFolio focuses on letting users keep track of their cryptocurrencies, as well as their miners, investments, and equities. One of the main features of this tool is that it can generate regular reports on one’s portfolio. There are two account plans available for Cryptfolio: the free version and a premium option. There are some big differences between the two, although the premium features are not necessarily required for every trader.

Purchasing a CryptFolio premium account costs 0.06 BTC per year, or around US$240 at current prices. For people who like notifications, technical analysis solutions and more tracked accounts, going premium is an absolute must. CryptFolio accepts payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin — an interesting assortment of currencies, to say the least.

2. CoinTracking

CoinTracking is trying to do a few things right and has a marketable name to go along with it. The company specializes in tracking profits and losses from one’s portfolio and provides tools related to tax purposes as well. With support for 26 different exchanges, CoinTracking is certainly on the right track. This solution is completely free to use, and there is both a web and a desktop version of the tool available to users.

1. BlockFolio

Virtually every cryptocurrency user has heard of BlockFolio. It is a popular portfolio management tool which provides support for both Bitcoin and most altcoins in existence today. It is also a prominent mobile solution for keeping track of one’s various investments. Users get a comprehensive overview of their portfolio as well as the exchanges on which particular coins trade. A news section is a nice addition.

One feature a lot of users appreciate about BlockFolio is that it offers detailed price notifications. This is especially handy for people who explore altcoins, as they are often prone to wild price fluctuations in both directions. There is also built-in support for stock charts, order books, and market details for every currency. All things considered, there are plenty of reasons to give BlockFolio a try as it is a powerful solution for any type of cryptocurrency user.