Top 4 Music Compositions Created by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is perhaps one of the most intriguing forms of technology our society has seen in quite some time. Very few people are aware of what AI is capable of already, though. Over the past few years, artificial intelligence platforms have been responsible for creating various pop music songs. Although none of these tracks ever hit the billboards, it goes to show even musicians may be replaced by robots in the future.

4. Daddy’s Car

Although the name of the song would not hint at artificial intelligence being involved, the entire song is composed by an AI solution. Listening closely to this track reveals some intriguing similarities to the music created by The Beatles many moons ago. Imitation is a fine form of flattery, yet it is also creepy to think of robots and software being capable of creating better music than human artists.

3. Mr. Shadow

With the help of Flow Machines, composers created the Mr. Shadow track. Although this track is not entirely composed by AI, it played a big role in the process. Arranging and production is still done by a human, as are the written lyrics. However, the involvement of AI cannot be denied where this particular track is concerned. It is intriguing to see how composers try to embrace artificial intelligence, rather than oppose it.

2. Project Magenta

Albeit this is not the name of an actual song, Project Magenta is one of Google’s many ventures into the world of artificial intelligence. The platform will use state of the art machine intelligence to generate music and art. It is unclear how far artists and musicians can go with this technology, as there are seemingly no limitations as to what can be achieved.

A song was demonstrated using this technology back in 2016, which required the AI solution to be fed several recordings of different songs. As the machine learning tool was exposed to multiple examples its neural network started to piece together melodies on its own. As more time progresses, generating entire songs of its own accord will be second nature to Project Magenta.

1. Nasciturus

It has to be said, the Nasciturus composition is quite a unique rendition in the world of computer-driven music. It is created by Iamus, a computer cluster located in the University of Malaga. A total of ten compositions were created by Iamus as part of its “debut album”, and required no human input whatever. To be more precise, it only required the initial programming before the AI went to work.

Nasciturus is labeled as “evolutionary music” which requires the use of a complex algorithm to turn a small initial input into a full-fledged composition. As time progresses, Iamus was capable of increasing the complexity of the input. Interestingly enough, this entire decision-making process takes less than a second. Rendering the music into formats humans can comprehend takes eight minutes, though.

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