Top 4 Heartwarming 3D Printing Stories

Now that 3D printers are available to consumers all over the world, it seems to be only a matter of time until the next wave of innovation materializes. Throughout the years there have been quite a few success stories thanks to 3D printing. This article lists 4 use cases of this technology that will restore your faith in humanity.

#4 Duck Flippers

In the animal kingdom, many creatures are often hurt by their environment. Philip the duck became somewhat of an Internet hit back in 2015 after losing both his feet due to severe frostbite. Thanks to a collaborative effort between several people, Philip received a new pair of custom 3D-printed feet. Philip is waddling around on them without problems, and he is enjoying his happy duck life to this very day.

#3 3D Printed Brain Saves a Life

A rather unusual story developed in September of 2014 when 3D printing made a major impact on a hemispherectomy. During this procedure, Gabriel Mandeville’s five-months-old brain was partially altered. The surgeon was, thankfully, able to perform a test procedure on a 3D printed version of Gabriel’s brain. The involvement of the 3D printed brain ensured the operation was successful, despite Gabriel now having nearly half of his brain removed.

#2 Prosthetic Legs For a Dog

It seems to make a lot of sense to think of 3D printing as an integral part in the development of prosthetics. Derby, a well-known dog among Internet users, was unfortunate enough to be born without front paws and improperly formed front legs. Any dog who suffers from compromised mobility deserves a humane solution, which is exactly what Derby got.

Tara Anderson, the person taking care of Derby, helped create a set of custom 3D-printed prosthetics. These legs keep Derby close to the ground, even though the prosthetics have gone through several iterations over the years. All things considered, Derby is now a happy and mobile dog, thanks to the power and ingenuity of 3D printing.

#1 Girl’s Life Depends on 3D Printed Heart

For four-year-old Adanelie Gonzalez, the concept of a 3D-printed heart would have made little sense, even though she has suffered from major heart complications since birth. At one point, the doctors had all but given up hope as there seems no way they could help her any further.

Thanks to the 3D model of Adanelie’s heart, the doctors were able to find a solution to keep the girl alive. By using parts of a donor heart, the doctors connected Adanelie’s heart to her lungs in a healthy manner, something that seemed impossible until then. It is yet another example of how 3D printing can save lives in many different ways.

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