Top 4 Companies That Don’t Accept Bitcoin (But Really Should)

Bitcoin offers a wide variety of advantages, so it’s no surprise several million dollar companies, like Steam, Microsoft, Subway, and Reddit have already started to accept the digital currency as payment. Businesses can now easily accept bitcoins, as startups providing integration services keep growing. That being said, there are a few companies that don’t accept bitcoin yet, but really should.

4. Airbnb

air bnb

Late last year, Airbnb’s CEO and co-founder Brian Chesky decided to use Twitter to ask users what they wanted to see launched in the company in 2017. An overwhelming amount of users went with bitcoin payment integration. Expedia, an Airbnb competitor, has been successful accepting bitcoin payments was used as an example. Mr. Chesky wasn’t aware of the advantages bitcoin could bring his business, but users made sure he learned.

Moreover, its community-based business model makes it a favorite for tech-savvy people who either already have a bitcoin wallet, or at least have heard of the cryptocurrency and are curious enough to investigate.

3. eBay

ebay logo

On eBay you can buy pretty much anything, as the company made it to the top and became one of the world’s largest e-commerce websites in the world. The company’s accepted payments policy still rejects “virtual or cryptocurrencies”, but if that were to change, eBay could be the golden goose that brings bitcoin to complete mainstream acceptance.

Amazon, for example, has in the past said it wouldn’t integrate bitcoin payments because it wasn’t “hearing from customers that it’s right for them”. This might mean Amazon would accept it if it became more widely used, so you can see how eBay could create a snowball effect in the e-commerce business. Fortunately, you can use eGifter to purchase gift cards for both ebay and amazon using Bitcoins, you may even be able to save a few percent on your purchase.

2. Netflix

netflix logo

Last year, during the Citi 2016 Internet, Media & Telecommunications Conference, Netflix opened up to the possibility of accepting bitcoin payments. David Wells, Netflix’s CFO, said it would be nice to have bitcoin as a global currency. A few TV providers throughout the world, such as Dish Network, have already accepted bitcoin payments, so logically users expect Netflix to bring it in the future.

Again, not only would it upgrade the Netflix comfort experience, but it could also lead to snowballing possibilities. The company has been known for disrupting status quo, so acceptance may be closer than we think.

1. Uber

uber logo

Uber, Lyft, Cabify and companies offering similar services could only benefit from opening up to bitcoin. Users already use their smartphones to pay for their rides, review the service and communicate with the company, so it would make sense for companies with such a business model to accept bitcoin payments.

Moreover, bitcoin could be a PR boost for the first company to integrate it. Competition is fierce, and while Uber seems to be winning in tech development, others could stand out through the rejection of status quo and a user base improvement.

Uber drivers have already started accepting bitcoin in creative ways. The drivers like the digital currency, business would prosper, and fees would go down: so why not Uber?

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