Top 4 Anonymous Email Service Providers

In this world of internet service providers and governments snooping on internet traffic and online communication, anonymous email services have become a lot more important than before. It is not hard to see why these services are so appealing, as they allow users to mask their identity. Below are some of the top anonymous email providers we have come across so far. Some of these companies even accept bitcoin payments for their paid plans, which is a nice bonus.

4. HideMyAss Email Service

It is rather intriguing to see VPN providers offer an email service as well. Most people know HideMyAss as a VPN service provider, but the company offers anonymous email services as well. Users need to fill in a brief form to set up their email account. No personal information is required other than a real email address to receive notifications. This can still be a throwaway email address, though, which is a nice option.  More importantly, users can determine how long this account should remain active for, which can be anywhere from 24 hours to 12 months.

3. Tutanota

About a year ago, we covered the anonymous email service called Tutanota. Although very few people had heard of this company at that time, it looks like Tutanota has gotten a lot of attention over the past twelve months. That is not surprising, as they are one of the few anonymous email service providers accepting bitcoin payments. All of the data communicated through Tutanota is encrypted automatically, and users can ensure their emails are only seen by the intended recipient.

That being said, the platform does offer a free service for anonymous emails as well. Upgrading to a premium membership does come with additional benefits. To ensure users could make these payments in a private manner, the choice to integrate bitcoin was due to happen sooner or later. Accepting traditional payment methods is not an option in this regard, that much is certain.

2. Davemail

Davemail is one of those projects that takes anonymous email services to a whole new level. The team has created a decentralized email service that does not rely on centralized servers by any means. Moreover, their platform is also available in an offline manner, which makes Davemail rather unique. The project uses RSA encryption to keep communication safe from prying eyes. Moreover, the product does not use traditional relay servers to send and receive emails, which makes it a more than viable solution for users who seek more anonymity.

1. ProtonMail

It is impossible to discuss anonymous email servers and not mention ProtonMail in the process. The Swiss-based company offers secure email solutions, which can be used across desktop and mobile platforms alike. ProtonMail has built a very solid reputation over the past few years and continues to serve millions of users around the world. All servers are located in Switzerland, which means all user data is protected by local privacy laws.

Moreover, ProtonMail focuses on end-to-end email encryption to protect users’ privacy. It is also by far one of the most convenient, anonymous email solutions to use, as it looks and feels like any other popular inbox solution. All encryption and privacy-centric features occur under the hood, without interfering with the user experience along the way. In the latest ProtonMail update, the team added support for custom domains and paid accounts as well. All things considered, Protonmail remains the leading anonymous email service in the world today.

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