Top 3 Ripple Wallet Options

One of the primary questions people are asking on social media is whether or not there is such a thing as a wallet for Ripple. Storing the XRP token is quite difficult, as most people would prefer not to keep funds in an exchange wallet. That is still a viable choice, even though there are some alternatives one could check out as well.

3. Exchange Wallets Are An Option

It is understandable why a lot of people would prefer not to store their XRP balance in an exchange wallet. Trusting a third party with your funds is not a comfortable feeling. However, most of the major exchanges support XRP, which creates a somewhat safe and secure environment to store your funds.

To be more specific, platforms such as Kraken, Poloniex, and a few others all support XRP wallets. Storing funds in these exchanges is somewhat safe, although people who are looking for long-term storage options may want to look at the two options presented below. After all, it never hurts to take a look at alternative solutions from a security perspective.

2. GateHub

The Gatehub platform is the “official” online wallet solution for XRP owners. The project has been around for some time now and attracted quite a few users in the process. Users are presented with a clear overview of their holdings and its value. All analytical data is compiled on a single page, removing the need to deal with different menus.

As one would expect from a proper online wallet service, it is possible to send and receive money in a convenient manner. GateHub lets users send funds to other people by using their name, wallet name, Ripple address, or email address. It is clearly designed to cater to as many people as possible. Additionally, it is also possible to access the trade feature within the wallet itself, which is quite interesting.

1. Rippex

A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts prefer to use a desktop wallet for their holdings. This is also true for anyone who holds XRP right now, as a desktop wallet puts the end user in full control of their holdings. More importantly, the Rippex wallet is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux, which will be of great joy to a lot of XRP holders.

What is even more important is how the Rippex wallet is completely open source and the code can be found on GitHub. On the security front, the Rippex team provides redundant infrastructure for the online component of the wallet. Users can sign up for an account online and store funds that way, or port it to the desktop version of this wallet as they see fit. Having both options at one’s disposal can be quite invaluable.

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  • Dave

    AVF flags Windows Rippex as a virus/malware. Anybody else?

    • MikeAZwildcats

      was rippex affected on macs?

      • AC

        Any word on Mac issues with Rippex?

  • Randall Flagg

    Gatehub: numerous complaints, loss of coin, lacking is CS and response time.
    Rippex: It’s a brazilian wallet. You ready to trust Brazil with your coin??
    Leaving on a exchange just started to sound better huh?

    • Briana L

      No offense, but I was told never to take advice from anyone named Randall Flagg

      • Randall Flagg

        You were never told that.
        Feel free to use either of those wallets, just don’t come back here crying when you lose your money.

      • Lisha

        this made me lol. thanks

    • f3nix

      dont trust brasil wallet = dont trust randall flagg… it is absolutly the same….
      you said to what we should NOT trust… why you didnt write to WHAT we should TRUST?

      • Randall Flagg

        I was going to clarify my original comment but then I realized that it wouldn’t matter. You guys are noobs and will eventually lose your money no matter what you do so go use whatever wallet you like.

  • MQuimby

    Gatehub – funds got trapped. Support didn’t answer after 6 weeks. Not recommended.

  • Encrypted

    i just found Plus500 and it seems pretty reputable. you guys should try it out

    • RonK

      UFX is better

  • Johnny Indica

    What’s the real safe solution to store my xrp? gatehub is having problems, rippex, no thanks. Exchanges?

    • Remco Pit

      Ledger nano s

      • Johnny Indica

        Yes, that’s the safest solution but for xrp the best wallet is not to have xrp at all. Sucks.

        • GEC

          Bitstamp is the “safest” if you want to keep XRP online. Unlike 98% of exchanges, Bitstamp is a registered European financial institution. They could still get hacked I suppose, but at least its not some invisible company with no transparent team or location that can just cut and run, like most other exchanges. GDAX is better but no XRP support. Bitstamp will also let you transfer ALL of your coins out, with gatehub you have to leave 20 there no matter what.

          • Johnny Indica

            I will check it out, I guess from the same country as blockchain means tighter control. Thanks,

        • Ben J0ey Matha Facka

          Set that shit DOWN Johnny. It’s making ya talk in circles.’

  • Romeo Abas

    Use paper wallet. Print & keep your XRP distributed in few pieces. Also make a copy of each paper wallet and keep in separate location to avoid loss & accidental damage.

  • Remco Pit

    I can’t believe you don’t mention the Ledger nano s, the hardware cryptowallet. I. Can. Not. Believe. It.