Top 3 Recent Cryptocurrency Exchange Promotions

Cryptocurrency exchanges are always trying to cater to a larger crowd. To do so, they often have to launch some sort of promotional effort to entice users. Although it is fairly common for people to actively trade Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies across multiple exchanges, an extra incentive is always welcome. Below are three recent examples of such promotional efforts which are all quite appealing.

3. Huobi Distributes Free Ethereum To Traders

Although this promotion only ran for a few days, it was quite an interesting concept. More specifically, the Huobi exchange launched an effort during which traders who created Bitcoin or Litecoin transactions would earn free Ether. These incentives have been paid out every single at 6 PM local time. The campaign ran from May 27th until May 31st.

It is quite interesting to note this campaign was mainly designed to introduce the Ethereum trading market on the Huobi exchange, which launched late last week. By giving regular traders access to free Ethereum, Huobi ensured these people would continue to spend funds on the platform itself. It is a smart promotional effort, although it is unclear whether or not any traders held on to their ETH rewards.

2. BTCC Gives Away Electronics

The BTCC exchange has always been one of the largest in all of China. Now that the company has successfully resumed withdrawals, it is a good time to launch a promotional campaign. The company celebrates its 6th birthday on June 9, 2017. As a result, BTCC is giving away a free iPhone 7, iPad, and other prizes for the most active traders.

This competition launched on June 1st and run until the 9th. During this period, as well as the rest of June, there will be no fees for bank wire deposits. This latter promotion may entice more users to partake in the electronics giveaway as well. Cryptocurrency traders always like lower fees and a chance to win something for doing what they enjoy. A smart move by BTCC, that much is evident.

1. BitBank Gives Away $736, 000 For XRP Liquidity

Perhaps the most notable promotion across all cryptocurrency exchanges hails from Japan. The local Bitbank exchange has announced their addition of XRP trading about a week ago. To commemorate this massive event, the company will issue $736,000 in undisclosed incentives to anyone who can improve XRP trading liquidity on the platform.

This promotional campaign will run from June 1st until September 1st. Everyone who ranks in the top 5 in XRP/JPY trading will receive $800 worth of XRP. These incentives will be issued every single day. No traders would say no to receiving free cryptocurrency, especially if it has the potential to appreciate in price. This particular campaign will undoubtedly affect XRP trading in Japan moving forward.

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