Top 3 Metaverse Crypto Coins With a Unit Price Below $0.5 to Watch in April 2022

As cryptocurrency markets continue to trade sideways this month, this is a great time to accumulate underrated Metaverse crypto coins that could show significant price gains during crypto’s next bull run. Today we look at our pick of the top three Metaverse crypto coins with a unit price below $0.5 to watch in April 2022, ordered by the current price, lowest to highest.

3. Dvision Network (DVI) – $0.3613

Launched in November 2020, Dvision Network (DVI) is a Metaverse and NFT platform allowing users to trade, create and play in its blockchain-based virtual world owned wholly by players. Dvision Network features an NFT marketplace, Meta-Space, and a Meta-City comprising its Metaverse.

Meta-Spaces allow users to customize and purchase LAND in Dvision’s Metaverse, similar to Decentraland’s and The Sandbox’s virtual real estate market. Meta-City is another name for Division’s Metaverse which comprises a collection of Meta-Spaces.

Dvision’s NFT marketplace features a native platform allowing users to browse through its digital collectibles which include utility within Dvision’s ecosystem.

dvision network nfts

Moreover, Dvision Network includes Avatars, user-owned representative personal characters that allow players to stand out in Dvision’s digital realm.

Moreover, the Dvision network also features its Ethereum to BNB bridge, currently in beta. The bridge enables holders of the DVI token to transfer it between the two chains.

DVI is the primary utility asset on the platform including both BNB BEP-20 and Ethereum ERC-20 versions. Both versions of the token are accepted on its NFT marketplace with upcoming integration with the Enjin network.

You can buy DVI on Uniswap, PancakeSwap, Bittrex, MEXC, Bithumb, Hotbit, Indodax, CoinW, and more.

2. Efinity Token (EFI) – $0.415

Launched in August 2021, Efinity is the Metaverse blockchain built by the Enjin team. Enjin is a leading Metaverse crypto coin boasting a market capitalization of over $1.23 billion, ranking it as the seventh-largest Metaverse coin on the market.

efinity token

Efinity is Enjin’s Metaverse project and blockchain, built explicitly for NFTs and next-generation virtual worlds. One prominent project built on Efinity is Newscrypto, an interactive Metaverse news platform with a market capitalization of over $42 million.

Efinity is a parachain focused on chain functionality and stability, it’s a high-traffic blockchain enabling creators to mint up to 2,200 tokens in a single transaction, speaking to the scalability potential of the chain.

While Efinity is still in its early stages, with a current market cap of $70 million, now is a perfect time to start accumulating EFI tokens if you’re looking to be on the future of the Metaverse sector in crypto and the Enjin ecosystem. Enjin has proven to be a leading Metaverse coin and Efinity has tremendous long-term potential.

EFI is the primary utility asset for Efinity, allowing interactions with its blockchain, paying for transaction fees, and more.

You can purchase EFI on Huobi Global, LBank, OKX, MEXC, and more.

1. CEEK VR (VR) – $0.4614

Launched in June 2018, CEEK VR (CEEK) is a highly-rated Metaverse crypto coin for music artists and virtual concerts. It features a dashboard with several virtual reality experiences ranging from TV, entertainment, sports, and more.

CEEK’s mission is to directly connect artists with their fans through its virtual reality platform. The project is a top-rated Metaverse crypto coin partly due to the fact it secured major partnerships with icons like Lady Gaga, U2, Sting, Demi Lovato, and more.

ceek vr

For its product layer, CEEK VR features a proprietary VR headset and high-definition 4D headphones that enhance users’ experiences on the platform. One can purchase CEEK’s products in major retailers like BestBuy and Target.

Moreover, CEEK is working on an NFT marketplace that will allow users to create and trade NFTs on its platform. While still in development, CEEK’s NFT marketplace is bound to be one of the top-rated platforms for music artists to share their works.

CEEK features the highest market cap on this list, with over $343 million at writing. CEEK has one of the most robust communities supporting the project and its token has tremendous potential for this year. We recommend keeping an eye on this project in April 2022 and beyond.

The primary utility asset on the platform is CEEK, including both ERC-20 Ethereum and BEP-20 BNB chain versions. CEEK’s utility includes exclusive access to various channels, charity fund-raisers, tech talks, discounts on events, and more.

You can purchase CEEK on MEXC, Uniswap, PancakeSwap, LATOKEN, ProBit Global, BKEX, and more.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any Metaverse crypto coins.

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Image by 11145955 from Pixabay