Top 3 Individuals Aiming to Disrupt Bitcoin

One aspect that makes the bitcoin ecosystem so interesting is how there are many different opinions out there. Everyone can make their voice be heard, which often leads to intriguing discussions. Some people are actively trying to disrupt bitcoin, whether their intentions are good or bad depend on whom you post the question to. Below are some of the more influential people actively disrupting the crypto in one way or another.

3. Jihan Wu

Most people active in the bitcoin world will be more than familiar with the name Jihan Wu. He is the co-founder of Bitmain, one of the largest bitcoin mining hardware manufacturers in the world today. Wu is also involved in running the Antpool mining pool, which actively supporting Bitcoin Unlimited. In a way, it is evident Wu and his companies will do whatever they can to oppose Bitcoin Core, effectively disrupting bitcoin as we know it. His mining pool is also responsible for mining a fair bit of empty blocks, yet Wu has no plans to solve that problem anytime soon.

Some of Wu’s tweets cause a lot of controversy as well. In one recent Reddit post, a lot of his statements are collected regarding the future of Bitcoin Unlimited. These messages allegedly indicate how Jihan Wu controls most of the hashpower supporting Bitcoin Unlimited. He also hints at how “people will be caught unprepared for the fork”. A very disturbing statement that leaves many people wondering what is going on behind the scenes.

2. Craig Wright

Although Craig Wright is technically speaking not involved in Bitcoin, he has done whatever he can to make enthusiasts believe he is none other than Satoshi Nakamoto. For many years, people have been wondering who is responsible for creating bitcoin, yet the search has raised more questions than answers. Craig Wright claimed he had access to one of Satoshi’s bitcoin wallets and even planned to move funds around to verify this claim.

When push came to shove, however, Wright failed to provide the necessary evidence and left the bitcoin scene in a hurry. That has not kept him from trying to disrupt bitcoin by any means, though, as he has filed several patents using bitcoin technology. Several dozen patents have been filed over the past few years, although none of them have been granted yet. He also gained the backing of Calvin Ayre, a notorious criminal who successfully eludes law enforcement despite being wanted for running an unlicensed gambling operation.

1. Roger Ver

The name Roger Ver is known well within and beyond the bitcoin ecosystem. He is the self proclaimed bitcoin Jesus who supposedly made a lot of money by investing in this cryptocurrency at a very early stage. Over the years, Roger Ver has also formed some interesting opinions related to bitcoin and several altcoins. It is clear Ver is always looking to disrupt bitcoin with his own ideologies.

While his methods may seem rather strange and less than subtle, Roger Ver still has a lot of faith in bitcoin after all these years. He is even paying miners out of his own pocket to ensure Bitcoin Unlimited gets the necessary network support. Some people – rightfully – question this course of action, as such a business model cannot be sustained indefinitely. Moreover, there is a growing concern Ver’s ideas will ultimately lead to bitcoin splitting into two different blockchains making the network weaker.

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