Top 3 Bitcoin Auction Site Platforms and Protocols

People in the cryptocurrency world are always looking for ways to buy or sell goods in exchange for bitcoin. Thankfully, there are quite a few auction sites in existence which will allow that type of business. Although there is always room for more auction solutions in the world, the market remains rather uncontested for the time being. The following three auction solutions have caught our attention over the past few years.

3. Glyde

One of the platforms that have been around the longest goes by the name of Glyde. On this platform anyone in the world can sell items in mere seconds, and fetch a pretty penny for it. Buyers can find great deals on phones, tablets, and video games, whereas sellers will have an option to earn top dollar for their unwanted goods. All things considered, Glyde is quite an innovative platform, even though a lot of people seemingly remain unaware of this platform.

Among the deals one can score as of right now, there are quite a few Apple and Android phones and tablets. The video games department focuses on all major consoles, although the Nintendo Switch has not been added as of yet. So far, there have been several hundred reviews of the Glyde platform, and most of these have been nothing but positive. Your mileage may vary when using this platform, though.

2. Bitify

Most people will know the Bitify platform under its previous name of CryptoThift. Ever since the rebrand it appears a few more people have started to create auctions on the Bitify platform. There are a few good reasons as to why that might be the case, including the fact Bitify offers an escrow service to protect both buyers and sellers.

This also means Bitify will act as a custodian over customer funds until a transaction is fully settled. In some people, this may be seen as a bonus, whereas other users may think it is a bit of a burden. All things considered, Bitify is an action platform well worth checking out for any cryptocurrency enthusiast. The platform could use a few less digital items and more in-demand physical goods, though.

1. OpenBazaar

Although most people think about OpenBazaar as a protocol to run a regular shop on the internet, the developers have built in some auction functions as well. In a way, OpenBazaar is a one-stop e-commerce solution for anyone who is looking to sell goods to people all over the world. Moreover, by accepting bitcoin payments, sellers are automatically opening up their offering to the rest of the world.

There is no limit as to what items users can sell on the Openbazaar platform, even though it is always advised not to sell contraband or other illegal goods over the protocol. Although the developers are not actively persuading people to not host illegal content on the protocol, they have no intention of becoming the next decentralized darknet marketplace protocol either. Tools such as DuoSearch allow anyone to browse all available OpenBazaar offerings as well.

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